5 Spring Home Decor Ideas


This post shares 5 spring home decor ideas and projects that you can easily incorporate into your home as we transition past winter.

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Here in the northeast, the temperatures have been creeping up into the 40s. While this might sound frigid to some of you who live in the south – it has been a lovely way to ease into spring. Normally this time of year we have at least 6 inches of snow on the ground. As I write this, I can see the grass out the office window.

The warmer temperatures and the sight of actual “real life” grass has me excited for spring and I have started to bring out different things to make the inside of the house feel less like winter and more like flowers are on the way.

Today, I will share a combination of projects and easy things that I do for spring home decor.

5 Spring Home Decor Ideas

Make a Moss Wreath

This time of year, I always crave things that are a little mossy. After months of looking at a white landscape, the green color of moss is so appealing. With that in mind, one of the things I like to do this time year is display a moss wreath. Nothing says “spring” like walking into an entryway with a cheerful green moss wreath.

DIY Moss Wearth
Easy Moss Wreath

In this post I walk you through the process for creating your own DIY Moss Wreath. Making your own moss wreath is budget friendly. However, I recognize that some of you want to purchase a moss wreath that has already been assembled so I linked some below.

Make Tissue Paper Flowers

This time of year, we don’t have any flowers blooming outside. Heck, we probably won’t have actual flowers until the end of May. So, one of my favorite solutions is to make my own Flowers using Tissue Paper. I keep these homemade flowers around the house until the “real” flowers arrive.

Easy Tissue Paper Flowers

If you prefer to purchase paper flowers, instead of making them, I have linked some similar flowers below.

Display Your Gardening Tools

As I get older, I have developed a deeper appreciation of gardening. Every fall I plant a new batch of flowering bulbs. This past October, I planted over 100 daffodil bulbs. Spring is the busiest time of year in the garden. It requires bringing in new compost to amend the soil, planting annuals, cleaning up debris from the winter and more. One of the first things I do is gather my gardening tools and ensure they are clean.

DIY Garden Tool Wall Rack

Last year I showed you how to make a Gardening Tool Rack using an extra piece of wood. It helped to keep me organized and my tools were always within easy reach. Of course, I used MMS milk paint to achieve the chippy finish on the wood. Bringing out, cleaning, and hanging my gardening tools is a great way to transition to spring and is always a cheerful sight.

Garden Tool Wall Rack close up of hooks

Below are links to some gardening tools that I use.

Display Your Jadeite

If you don’t already know, I am a vintage/antique dealer. One of my favorite items to collect and sell is Jadeite. Spring is my favorite time of year to use and display jadeite pieces. I buy and routinely use some of the newer jadeite pieces because if anything happens to them then “it’s no big deal”. Newer jadeite items can be easily replaced.

Old and New Jadeite- vintage cupboard with old jadeite

Here is an entire post on how to identify Old and New Jadeite. One of my favorite pieces that I use year round is this Jadeite cake stand.

Here are some links to some new jadeite pieces you can buy.

Make an Antique Paper Leaf Wreath

One final idea to decorate for spring is to make a paper leaf wreath using antique paper. The tips of my paper leaves were coated in fine gold glitter but you can customize the glitter to any color you choose. For example, by using silver, pink or even green glitter. The leaves were created using a template I made using card stock. Given that we won’t have actual leaves until the middle of May, seeing this wreath always brightens my day and reminds me the spring isn’t far away.

Antique Paper Leaf Wreath
Antique Paper Leaf Wreath

If you don’t want to make your own paper leaf wreath, I have linked some similar paper wreaths below.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. Wherever you live, I hope spring is just around the corner. Or at the very least, you are able to starting bringing spring items into your home decor.

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  1. Such pretty Spring inspiration, Anna!! I love that moss wreath. It’s currently DUMPING snow here…we’ve gotten over a foot and it’s still coming!! This made my day a little brighter knowing that Spring IS coming 🙂 Great job, friend!

    1. Hi Rachel! We got 6 inches of snow today and are expecting 10 more inches this weekend. Thanks for the kind words my friend. I think we are both ready for spring.

  2. This is such a beautiful round-up of spring ideas, Anna! They’re all the perfect way to welcome spring. It’s in the 80s in Florida but there is no humidity right now so the weather is perfect. I can’t wait to start working on our container gardens for the porches. And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this season too. I know it’s going to be amazing! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – thank you for stopping by and for commenting on the post. We are definitely ready for spring to arrive in the northeast. I would be delighted to have 80 degree temperatures. Enjoy the beautiful weather in Florida! I bet your front porch is going to look AMAZING.

  3. So many great ideas to help decorate for Spring! That moss wreath has my heart! I’m going to have to add that to my list of things to do!! Here’s hoping temps warm-up for you soon!

  4. What a great post, Anna! Packed with so many Spring Ideas! You had me at moss wreath. We are starting to have some nice days (70’s) here in South Carolina and you have me feeling so inspired with this round-up! And I need that tool wall rack at my gardening station! Pinned! Soon enough you will be enjoying Spring days too.

    1. Hi Meagan – You can’t go wrong with a gardening tool rack! I don’t know how I survived without one! It keeps everything so organized and within easy reach.

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