7 Home Decor Books

In this post, I share 7 home decor books. These are my favorite books that I return to repeatedly over time.

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I don’t know about you, but I love using antique and vintage items in my home decor. In fact, most of the items in my home are either antique or vintage. Of course, I am little biased since I sell antique and vintage items. Having items in your home that are “old” brings in a sense of history, character and warmth. So needless to say, I love home decor books that incorporate antique and vintage items. Today, I want to share with you 7 of my favorite books that I consistently read and re-read. It should go without saying that these books incorporate a variety of antique and vintage items in the home decor.

7 Home Decor Books

These books are presented in alphabetical order according to their titles. I love all these books. Some are new and some have been around for years. They all offer tried and true advice as well as superb inspiration. I have provided links, when possible, so you can purchase them.

57 Buttermilk Acres

57 Buttermilk Acres

57 Buttermilk Acres by Stacy West is a phenomenal book that shows you how you can incorporate collections of vintage and antique items into your home. Photographer Adam Albright does a fabulous job of capturing the vintage feelings and moods associated with all of Stacy’s displays.

Stacy shows you how you can switch up the decor in your home based upon the season and holidays.

I love these fall vignettes she shares above. That paper machier owl is just amazing. I also love the porch posts that she turned into risers for her pumpkins.

You can purchase 57 Buttermilk Acres here.

City Farmhouse

City Farmhouse Style 1

I have shared Kim’s work previously on my blog. I met Kim and her husband David for the first time when I was a vintage vendor in their City Farmhouse Building at the Country Living Fair in 2019. They are both lovely people who are down to earth.

City Farmhouse Style continues to be one of my favorite books because it shows you how the most humble of “old” things can be beautiful when incorporated into your home. The photographer Alissa Saylor did an amazing job of capturing Kim’s designs and the soul of all the vintage and antique items.

Some specific examples of humble, every day items, that Kim incorporates into her designs include old wall paper, quilts, and textiles. Kim also incorporates old china, books, and mirrors into her designs.

You can purchase City Farmhouse Style here.

Kim also has another book that I really love entitled Home Stories.

Down to Earth

Down to Earth 1

Down to Earth by Lauren Liess is another gem. Lauren has a fabulous knack for incorporating midcentury and items from the 1970s into her home designs. Nature inspires many of her designs and she has a way of incorporating some darker and moodier elements that bring a room to life. Helen Norman, who is a well known and respected photographer, captured the images in this book.

Lauren Liess has a website with a blog that you may want to take a peek at.

She uses a lot of wood and warm tones in her designs yet her spaces always have a sense of light and openness. I love how Lauren mixes vintage items from different time periods to make a room come to life.

You can purchase Down to Earth here.

Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home 1

Everything Marian Parsons does is amazing. Her book, Feels Like Home is no exception. To further emphasize Marian’s amazing talents, she took the photographs for her book. Of all the books she has written, this is my favorite. Specifically, because she shows you how to decorate your home using readily available materials.

She walks you through the specific steps needed to install a starched fabric wall, paint furniture, and organize a work space. This is the ultimate “how to” decorate book with all sorts of great tips and advice.

You can purchase Feels Like Home here.

Of course, Marian has a well known website and blog that you may want to read. (If you aren’t already)

Shades of White

Shades of White 1

Fifi O’Neill’s book Shades of White is a wonder. You can easily get lost in the images of the homes she shares. If you have been following along on this blog for more than a day, then you know that white is one of my favorite colors to use in home decor. Fifi’s book is a celebration of those homes that incorporate a white aesthetic. Mark Lohman’s photographs capture the beauty and serenity of these homes and focuses on the unique design details.

I love this book because she shows you how white can work successfully in your home regardless of your specific style. She presents homes with crisp clean modern lines as well as those with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Fifi also has a website full of information that you may like to read.

You can purchase Shade of White here.

Travel Home

Travel Home 1

When you enter the house of someone who travels on a regular basis, it is evident upon entry. Those who travel to foreign countries imbue their homes with various textiles, designs and artifacts from those place abroad. The book Travel Home by Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel celebrates those homes of individuals who routinely travel to foreign countries. Peggy Wong’s photography is stunning.

Caitlin Flemming has her own design firm in San Francisco and her website also includes a blog.

You can purchase Travel Home here.


Upstate 1

As someone who lives “upstate”, I simply could not pass up the beautiful design book by Lisa Pryzstup that showcases homes in upstate New York. The photographs by Sarah Elliott are breath taking and capture the moody lighting associated with various seasons in upstate New York.

I love seeing old homes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley revamped to new found glory. There are so many good stories about the people who buy these old homes and invest their time, energy and money into fixing them up.

You can purchase Upstate here.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. Below is an image you can pin to your Pinterest account if you want to bookmark this post for future reference. As I said earlier, some of these books have been around for a number of years but I feel the information and inspiration they provide is timeless.

7 Home Decor Books

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