An Antique Table for a Wedding Cake


This post is about accidentally finding an antique table that’s perfect for wedding a cake. I share my approach for giving it minor updates.

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We are lucky enough to have a small annual outdoor antique market within a mile of our home town. It usually lasts for 2 days and it is fun to browse through the displays of various vintage/antique items vendors have in their tents.

This year, the weather Gods decided that it was time for a good old fashioned summer down pour. It was literally pouring rain the first two days of the event. Truth be told – bad weather can’t keep me from an antique market. If it’s 110 degrees, I will show up with a hat and sunscreen. If the roads and parking lots have tire ruts a foot deep from mud, I will show up with my boots on.

Needless to say, I was ready and willing to go to this outdoor market even if it was raining buckets. The weather so was bad, that 1/3 of the vendors never set up their tents and never showed up at all. However, fortunately for us, there were some hardy souls who were willing to sell their wares regardless of the weather.

A Good Find

It was in between the sheets of rain that I spotted a cute round Eastlake Victorian table in one of the vendor’s booth’s (which was simply a tent). I loved the soft aqua color it had been painted. So, I sloshed my way across the grass and asked the vendor if it was for sale and if so, for how much. Much to my delight, she said it was $75. Sold! It’s getting more and more challenging to find true antiques that are in decent condition. This little table also had its original metal casters. Anytime I find old furniture with its original wheels, my heart always does a little flip.

It had all the typical carvings of Eastlake furniture, small spoon carvings, ornate legs, and beautiful brackets that held up the two leaves of the small round table.

About Eastlake Victorian Furniture

If you want to learn more about Eastlake furniture and how to distinguish it from other Victorian furniture, HERE is a good article. Now is also a good time to mention that truly valuable Victorian furniture is never painted. However, I happen to prefer painted furniture.

A Hidden purpose

Initially, I purchased the table because I liked it and saw that it had good re-sale potential. Until, Mr. SLH’s sister said “Hey, that would make a great table for a wedding cake”. Mr. SLH and I are planning a very small, private wedding in the fall. The phrase “micro wedding” doesn’t accurately describe our event because there will be a handful of people attending. Once my soon-to-be SIL mentioned this table would be perfect for a wedding cake, I knew she was right.

Minor Updates

Once I got the table home, I spent 2 hours cleaning it. It looked as though it had been stored in a barn or outdoor shed for many years. There were a fair number of spiders that came darting out of the table. To remove all the grime, I used a magic eraser, Simple Green mixed into a bucket of hot water and some elbow grease.

When I flipped the table upside down, my heart sunk because the existing paint job fell short of covering the underside of the table. Then I noticed – the existing color looked almost exactly like MMS milk paint in the color By The Sea.

I mixed up a small batch up paint and color tested it on a small section of a table leg. The color match was almost identical. Even I could not believe my good fortune.

At that point I decided to paint the underside of the table and added some WD-40 to the metal wheels. After the two coats of paint were dry, I gently sanded the underside of the table using 220 grit sandpaper. Then I sealed the entire table using MMS Milk Coat in a matte finish, which is similar to a polycrylic finish. Don’t worry, I removed the excess paint on the edges/lip of the wood for a clean finish.

Table underside painted with MMS milk paint in Aqua Sky

A Table for a Wedding Cake

I have shared that I don’t think we choose vintage/antique items so much as they choose us. Many times, I have purchased something because it speaks to me and not because I have a plan for how to use it or incorporate it into my home.

There was a Victorian Sofa that I purchased because it was yelling at me to take it home and reupholster it. Initially, I left the store thinking “No Way – it’s too much work and it’s too large”. Then I returned to the store 5 hours later to buy it and take it home. Honestly, I think that sofa hijacked my brain.

I didn’t want to paint over the history of the Victorian table. I left the top untouched -complete with its chips and nicks. It was more that I wanted to give the table the grace it deserved by finishing a paint job from long ago.

Below are some photos of the table after it was cleaned, painted and sealed.

Eastlake Victorian Antique Table

It’s always an honor to give a piece of furniture a new lease on life.

Victorian Eastlake Table painted Aqua Sky

I still can’t get over how lucky I was to have a milk paint color that matched the existing paint.

Antique Victorian Eastlake Table

Now, I do think it will make a perfect table for a wedding cake.


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  1. I love everything about the tale of this beautiful antique table … how you happened to find it, how you cleaned it up, and most importantly how you will use it … for your wedding cake! ❤️❤️

  2. SO PRETTY!!! Wow Anna! You scored with this table…it’s so beautiful. It’s so crazy that a color you had matched it almost exactly! It was meant to be for you. I’m so happy for you and Mr. SLH!! Pinned, friend!

  3. What a beautiful table, Anna! I love how you color-matched the original paint and how you plan to use it as a wedding cake table too. That is such a cool and creative idea! The Fall season is such a gorgeous time to get married. I hope you share some pictures with us. If you’re involved I know it will be fabulous! Hugs, CoCo

  4. What a wonderful find Anna! The table is beautiful and I can’t get over how close the paint color is! Congrats on your upcoming wedding and can’t wait to see your cake on the table! Blessings, Donna

  5. Anna,
    What a great find…Kudos to you!!
    I love the transformation too!!
    It looks amazing!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet words about my little back yard cottage garden!! It is one of my happy places…
    Stay cool in all this heat!!

  6. What a great find — and for a great use! Congratulations!!!
    Thanks for sharing at the Fabulous Friday Link Party. We are thrilled to be featuring you this week.

  7. You did an awesome job and it looks beautiful, perfect for a wedding cake. Wish I’ll have enough time some day, I am just collecting old furniture and then running out of time to restore it.

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