Decorating for Fall


Fall is officially upon us.  Although it still feels like Summer outside, with a high of 84 degrees today, I know that cooler days and nights are just around the corner. All of this inspires me to change things up in our home so that it reflects the season outside.

When decorating for Fall, I generally prefer to use natural items.  Things like dried gourds, dried grasses, wheat, real pumpkins, and antler sheds.


Dried gourds in a basket



Dried grasses and wheat


The other thing love to use  are vintage and antique items. Of course, amber bottles are perfect for Fall.  Other items that are great for decorating include cutting boards, pewter, stoneware, yellow ware, and baskets.  These items bring such warmth and character to a room!


Vintage Amber Bottles



I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for your Fall Decorating!

Happy Fall Y’all.

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