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Are you wondering how to make a DIY Copper Wreath for fall? I walk you through the steps to create this fall wreath using minimal supplies.

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Now that we have entered the beginning of fall, I am changing up my decor to reflect the coming season. Last week, one of the things I decided to make to usher in the season is a DIY copper wreath.

I love copper wreaths! They are perfect for this time of year. Copper reminds me of cooking and cooking reminds me of Thanksgiving. If you have been following me, you know I love DIY projects, and in particular, DIY wreaths because they are cost effective and usually look better than a wreath you would purchase.

This wreath is perfect for your front door or any where inside your home as we approach the season of giving thanks for all the things.

So, let’s get started. I will walk you through all the steps to create this holiday wreath.

DIY Copper Wreath


Before we create anything, we need to gather our supplies. Fortunately, the supplies for this project are minimal. Unlike most DIY wreath projects – you will only be using paper, paint, scissors and a hot glue gun.

(Good news! You won’t need any of the following: floral wire, wire cutters, copper tubing, copper pipe, copper wire or copper piping.)

This is a great “first time” DIY wreath to create because the process is simple.

Most of these supplies can be purchased at your local craft store or hardware store, however, I have provided links if you want to purchase them online.

  • Roll of kraft paperCraft paints
  • A dark metallic copper craft paint
  • A light metallic copper craft paint
  • A tan craft paint
  • A dark brown craft paint
  • Scissors
  • 2 3×5 index cards or a thin piece of cardboard
  • A pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3 paint brushes
  • 3 paper plates
  • An MDF wreath form

The MDF wreath form can be purchased at craft stores or online here.


Step 1 – Paint the Kraft Paper

Our goal is to paint sections of the kraft paper three different shades of copper. These different shades of copper are essential to our wreath because they give the individual leaves variability. If only one color of copper is used – the wreath falls flat. If you look closely at anything in nature – for example leaves on a tree – you will see that there is quite a bit of variation in the color. Our goal is to simulate that variation of color.

Roll out your kraft paper along the top of your table.

Using some paper plates (or real plates if you prefer) – you are going to mix the following colors:

Plate 1

Combine some of the darker color metallic copper paint with the tan craft paint.

Plate 2

Combine some of the darker color metallic copper paint with the dark brown craft paint

Plate 3

Pour a good amount of the lighter colored metallic copper paint on to a plate. We are using this color as is. No mixing required.

Mixing Paint Colors
Mixing Copper Paint Colors

As you can see in the photo above, I used a generous amount of paint on each plate and then used the paint brushes to mix the paint colors. This is not a scientific process. The goal is just to ensure you have enough variability in the copper colors.  

Paint Kraft Paper

Once your paint is mixed, apply each color to a 2 foot section of the kraft paper.

Three colors of copper

You are going to paint a 6 foot length of kraft paper. This means you will have 3 sections of the different paint colors, and each section will be 2 feet in length.

Once you have applied paint to each section, let the entire length of kraft paper dry before moving on to step 2.

Step 2 – Cut out leaves

Once the paint has dried, use your scissors to cut out the 3 different sections of kraft paper.

Then using a 3×5 index card or some thin cardboard, you are going to create a “half leaf template”. Using a pen, I simply drew a half leaf design on an index card. My large half leaf was about an inch in diameter and 3 inches in length. I made a large leaf and a small leaf template.

Cut your copper colored sections into 2 inch strips and fold them in half. Then using your “half leaf template” trace the leaf pattern onto the seam of the folded strip. Repeat this process until you have traced leaves onto all your pieces of copper painted paper.

Alternate between the large leaves and small leaves. The goal is to have a half and half ratio of large leaves and small leaves.

Leaves cut from paper

Repeat this process for each of the three copper colored sections of paper until you have cut out about 60-80 leaves. It never hurts to have some extra leaves so err on the side of cutting too many.

Cut out Copper Leaves

You can see the variation in the color of the leaves in the photo above!

Step 3- Make Leaf Bunches

Plug in your hot glue gun. For the next step, we are going to be making “leaf bunches” which is a two step process.

The first part of this process entails making the leaves look a little more realistic. At the base of each leaf- near the stem, apply a tiny bit of hot glue and pinch the sides of the leaf together.

Making leaves real

The second part of this process entails gluing three leaves together. Using a leaf of each copper color and a variety of large and small leaves – hot glue the base of the three leaves together.

It’s difficult to see from the photos above, but each leaf is a different color of copper. When creating the “leaf bunches” – I mixed up the leaf sizes but always ensured that three different colors of copper were used. Sometimes I used 2 small leaves and 1 big leaf. Other times, I used 2 large leaves and 1 small leaf.

Step 4- Attach Leaves to Wreath Form

Now we attach the leaf bunches to the MDF wreath frame. Using your hot glue gun, apply a dollop of glue to the middle of the wreath form and attach a bunch of leaves.

Attaching leaves to wreath form

Work your way around the wreath form ensuring that your bunches of leaves are overlapping with the previous bunch. When you have glued the bunches of leaves around the entire wreath form – use any extra leaves you have to fill in any gaps.

Step 5 – Enjoy your DIY Copper Wreath

Congratulations! You completed your DIY Copper Wreath!

Below are some images you can pin to your Pinterest account. This will allow you to save this project for future reference. If you save these images then in the future, all you need to do is click on the image and it will return you to this post with the step by step instructions.

DIY Copper Wreath 4

Here are a few more photos showing a close up view of the wreath.

DIY Copper Wreath 1

You can see how the different colors of copper leaves makes the wreath feel more life like.

DIY Copper Wreath 3

If you want to make the process go faster – I recommend using larger leaves.

DIY Copper Wreath 2

Now you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the fall vibes. Perhaps, you can even put on a sweater.

Other Fall Wreaths

If you would prefer to purchase a pre-made fall wreath, I have some links below. I tried to find wreaths that had some copper elements, however, it wasn’t easy!


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  1. I find the photos that accompany each step extremely helpful. Thank you for them. I love the end result, a beautiful copper wreath for fall.

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for the kind words and feed back. Especially your comment about the photos. I will remember to incorporate that into my future DIY project posts.

  2. WOW!!! I’ve never seen anything like this before, Anna!! You are such a genius! This is beautiful…copper is my favorite, especially for fall. I LOVE how you painted the kraft paper and just cut the leaves…so easy!!! Pinned!

  3. Your wreath is gorgeous! I love the colors you chose to paint the leaves! Gluing three leaves together is so smart! I’m always so impressed with your creativity! Pinning now!

  4. Anna, Your wreath is so pretty and creative! What a simple and inexpensive way to create a lovely fall wreath! Thanks for sharing! I’m featuring your wreath idea in my Saturday roundup this week!

  5. This wreath is amazing, Anna! I love how it came together so much. The way you used the matte and shimmery finishes are perfection. Loving and pinning sweet friend, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – thank you for stopping by and for commenting! It’s an easy and fun wreath to create for the fall. Hugs to you!

  6. I love this wreath so much I just had to feature it on Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week! Thanks for sharing and I hope to see you at the party this week! Pinned 🙂

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