Dried Florals for Fall

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We are in the final stretch of August where you can sense a change of season.  The mornings are cooler and the days are a little shorter.  Those changes signal it’s time to prepare for a new season. 

I am in the midst of preparing a booth reset for fall.  Part of the booth reset includes ordering some dried florals.  I find items just look better and seem more practical when you can show via display how they can be used. 

I also use these dried florals in my home.  On the entryway table, on the dining room table,  on a side table in the bedroom and even in the bathroom.  These dried florals always brighten up a room and are a nod to the season. 

So with that, I thought I would share with you some of my sources for dried florals.  These dried grasses can be used to make wreaths, arrangements, and generally usher the fall season into your home. The best part, is that dried florals can be saved and used the following year. (And can be used even the year after that) 

Pampas Grass

This grass is probably the most obvious choice for a dried fall floral since it has become increasingly popular in recent years.  I have seen them used in weddings and in other celebrations such as anniversaries or birthday parties  Pampas grass is definitely a statement piece.  Nothing about Pampas grass is subtle. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

The seller Miss You Garden sells 5 stems for less than $25.  Each stem is 34 inches long.  That’s a very reasonable price!

Photo: Sky Lark House

 The seller Retro Radical sells Pampas grass by the stem at about $5 a piece.  So, if you only want one or two stems, this might be the best way to go. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

Finally, We Heart Pampas sells three count of 4 foot dried grass for $67. Although this is more expensive, keep in mind that each strand is 4 feet high and they offer free shipping.  This is the deluxe version of Pampas grass.

Bunny Tails

This is another dried grass that I love to use.  The small fluffy “bunny” tails can be incorporated into petite vases.  They are perfect for using in old glass bottles or any other vessel with a narrow opening. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

Also, these little grasses often come in multiple colors.  You can order them in natural, white, pink, yellow and more. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

The seller Vallari Decor offers 50 pieces of dried bunny tails in a variety of colors.  Best part is that they are currently 40% off!  So a bundle of 50 bunny tails costs less than $11. Whoo hoo!

Photo: Sky Lark House

Pampas Trove offers black dried bunny tails which I think would look fabulous in a fall display.  You can get a bundle of 50 for less than $20.  

Photo: Sky Lark House

Finally, Bohemian Revival offers a bundle of 60 dried bunny tails in a natural color for $18. They are so cute and fluffy. 


Dried Wheat 

Of course, it wouldn’t seem like fall if there wasn’t bundles of dried wheat tucked in a vase or in a wreath.  This is an old stand by that I use every year. It never goes out of style and it is always functional. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

Miss Fluers sells dried wheat bunches with 60 stems for less than $11. The nice part is that they are located in Canada so the shipping times are fairly reasonable.  I have noticed that when ordering items from overseas that the shipping can take longer than expected. 

Photo: Sky Lark House

Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  I hope you are inspired to embrace the changes that fall brings.  I know I always love ushering the textures and beautiful straw hues into my home.  If you decorate with any of these dried grasses, please send me a photo or DM me on Instagram. I would love to see you what you created.


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