Easy Fall Door Decoration


Do you find yourself wondering how to create an easy fall door decoration? This post shows you how to create one for your front door. 

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I don’t know about you, but the last three months of the year are exceptionally busy. I think it’s because we are in nonstop holiday mode as we approach October 31st. Heck, around here, during the holiday season, it’s a full-on sprint to December 31st. 

First, there is Halloween candy to buy and hand out, costumes to wear, and photos to take of little ones wearing costumes. 

Then there is a menu to be planned for Thanksgiving, accompanied by lots of grocery shopping and then the creation of a tablescape and seating arrangements. 

Then, there is Christmas. It seems like the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas switch is turned on. I don’t know about you, but I make every effort to get my holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving. 

Finally, we celebrate New Year’s.

Enjoying Autumn

Before I start thinking about Christmas, I want to soak up the autumn season and enjoy all that the fall months offer. I would like to partake in “pumpkin spice” everything (candles, lattes, coffee, muffins and more), visit a pumpkin patch, enjoy the colorful leaves, and decorate the front porch with heirloom pumpkins.

With all there is to do and enjoy this season, sometimes we need some easy and fast ideas to decorate our homes. So, I have one for you! In this post, I will show you how to create an easy fall floral arrangement for your front door. (Really, it can be used on any door).  

Having some fall decorations, such as a wreath, on your front door is such a great way to welcome people into your home. It’s akin to a welcome sign. So with that, let’s get started.

Easy Fall Door Decoration

This project should take about ten minutes to put together and requires minimal supplies. While a front door wreath is typically used this time of year, I am going to be using a basket instead.


So the first thing we need to do is gather our supplies. This will be a short list. (You might be shocked to learn that you will not need a glue gun or a wire wreath form.)

  • If you don’t already have one, you will need a hanging basket for your front door. 
  • A glass jar
  • Packing paper or newspaper
  • Clippers to cut some stems, leaves and/or hydrangeas
  • A metal door hanger

Step 1 – Create the Setup

The first thing I like to do is to put the metal door hanger on the front door and hang the empty basket from it. This helps me visualize how large my floral arrangement needs to be. 

Step 2- Create a Vase for the Florals

Next, we are going to fill our glass jar with water and set it in the bottom of the basket. Then stuff brown packing paper or newspaper around the outside of the glass jar to ensure that it is stable inside the basket.  

Step 3- Cut Your Fall Foliage

I decided to use Hydrangeas for this project because they are still plentiful this time of year and are such a pretty hue for fall. Cut the stems of the hydrangeas so that they are at least 12 inches long. You will need longer stems to ensure they are getting enough water and that they are submerged in the water. Cut the stems on a diagonal using your garden clippers and gently place them in the jar of water in the basket. 

hydrangeas in basket

If I could offer one piece of advice, it is this – you generally want your florals to cover the edge of the basket.

Some people also adhere to the filler, spiller, thriller formula. It goes something like this. You want a floral that “fills” the space inside the basket, a floral that “spills” over the edge of the basket and one floral that provides height and drama in your arrangement aka the “thriller”.

Here in upstate New York and in many areas in the northeast, this is the perfect time of year to use fresh foliage on your front door for decor. The nights are cool and while the days are warm, the temperature isn’t too hot.

Other Front Door Decorating Ideas

You don’t have to use hydrangeas for this project. There are plenty of other things you can find to use in your basket and some of them will be free. Here is a list of ideas:

  • Clip some beautiful fall leaves 
  • Cut some stems with berries
  • Use dried florals
  • Use some faux florals or faux stems
  • Add some mini pumpkins to an arrangement by attaching them to a bamboo skewer. In the past, I have used white pumpkins.
  • Add some pine cones to your arrangement by tucking them in around the edges of the basket
  • Add some Indian corn or dried ears of corn to the basket
  • Add any other florals that incorporate fall colors and reflect the fall season.

Step 4 – Enjoy your Easy Fall Door Decoration

When you are done creating your fall floral arrangement, hang the basket on the metal hook on your door. Congratulations! You are now done and have created an easy fall door decoration that ushers the fall spirit into your home.

Below are some photos of the end result. I created some images for you to pin to your Pinterest Board.  That way, if you want to revisit this post in the future, all you need to do is click on the image. 

Easy Fall Door Decoration

This is an easy way to decorate your front door for Thanksgiving because you can use fresh flowers or some fall foliage and simply add it to the water. 

Easy Fall Door Decoration 2

I change the water every 3-4 days and continue to change the arrangement as the season progresses. 

Easy Fall Door Decoration 3

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Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some fast, easy and affordable fall decor ideas for your front door. Wishing you a happy fall!

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  1. Beautiful!!!! So simple but that’s all it needs to be! The flowers look so pretty against the texture of the basket….and that BASKET!! It’s so adorable…I Get like a French-y feel from it. So good!

    1. Thank you my friend for your endlessly supportive and kind comments. Even when I am behind on catching up with your posts!!

  2. I love wreaths, but I think a basket hanging on the front door is a welcome change and beautiful sight! The hydrangeas look wonderful and are perfect for this time of year! So pretty and I love how easily it comes together!

  3. This is so beautiful, Anna! Your hydrangeas are stunning and I love how they have such a French farmhouse vibe in this basket too. It’s all totally fabulous. Hugs and cheers to soaking up every ounce of pumpkin spice season, CoCo

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