Easy Paper Snowflakes

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All of you provided a lot of positive feedback when I shared the Christmas crafts with paper. So, I thought I would show you a new project you can make – easy paper snowflakes! Yes, truly they are easy.

Supplies Needed

Roll of paper, scissors, hot glue gun, and star hole punch

As you can see from the photo above only basic supplies are needed. I found this old roll of piano paper at an antique store for a few dollars. I thought it would be perfect to use for this project. However, you can also use rolls of wrapping paper, old wallpaper, brown craft paper or any type of paper that is at least 3 feet long.

In the photo above, I also included a punch cutter with a cut out in the shape of a starburst. You don’t need to use the starburst punch cutter. I happened to have it in my stash and thought it would be perfect for this project. If you don’t have a punch cutter HERE is one similar that I found on Amazon. If a star isn’t your cup of tea, a simple circle that’s 1 inch in diameter would also work for this project.

Next, I will walk you through the steps of making the easy paper snowflake. If you prefer – you can scroll to the end of this post and there is a 20 second video that shows you how to make them.

Step 1: Cut Long Strips of Paper

The general idea is that you want long narrow strips of paper. I found that when I cut my paper 3 feet long and 3 inches wide – it worked best for making the snowflakes. I also cut an additional piece of paper and used it to punch out the starbursts that cover the center of the snowflakes. I punched out about 12 starbursts.

Hands folding paper accordion style

Once you have your long strips of paper, fold them accordion style starting with the narrow portion of the paper. Try to keep the edges lined up as you fold the paper back and forth.

Step 2: Cut out your Snowflake

Once you have your paper completely folded – you can trim off any excess – then you can start to cut your snowflakes.

scissors cutting folded paper for snowflake

You can cut any design you choose on either side of the paper. I cut a point at one end so the snowflake would have pointy tips. Make sure that you cut through all the layers of paper!

Step 3: Assemble Your Easy Paper Snowflake

Next, all you need to do is glue the ends of the paper together and glue the center of the snowflake.

hot glue being applied to cut out paper

Simply glue one end of the paper to the other end of cut out paper.

Hot glue gun with paper snowflake

Once you glue the ends of the paper together, your snowflake should look like the photo above.

Then the next step is to secure the center of the snowflake. This is where you use your punch cut outs of the star or circle.

Two paper snowflakes

I applied glue to the center of the snowflake and then attached the star. I repeated the same for the backside of the paper snowflake because it gave the paper snowflake more stability.

Repeat Steps 1-3

The first paper snowflake I made didn’t turn out that great. However, after my third paper snowflake – I was on a roll. It’s quite easy to make a bunch of these in the space of 1 hour.

Three paper snowflakes
The photo above shows three paper snowflakes that I made after I got the hang of the process.

Final Result

I think these snowflakes would be great attached to a gift. They could be used as a gift tag or simply to embellish a present. They would also look great as ornaments on a tree. Finally, you could string them together to create a garland.

I noticed when I was using the paper from the piano roll, the lyrics to the song were printed on the paper. How charming! It melted my heart. I love that the lyrics are printed on these snowflakes.

Short Video

Needless to say, a video showing these steps provides a lot more valuable information. I always find that videos convey things that I can’t capture with words. So here is a short 20 second video showing you the steps outlined above.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Have fun making these easy paper snowflakes.

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  1. I’ve seen snowflakes all over the interwebs but none as cute as these!! The piano roll of paper makes them extra special! Pinned this post to my Christmas DIY board!

  2. I love these paper snowflakes, Anna! They are gorgeous and so easy to make! I am excited to feature your post at this week’s Tuesday Turn About. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Lynne! THANK YOU so much for the feature. These are truly easy and FUN to make. Thanks for the kinds words, the feature and the willingness to comment.

  3. Anna, your snowflakes are so pretty! I love that you used old piano paper, it gives them so much character! I’ve been wanting to make paper snowflakes but did not get around to it this year! Pinning now, so I can remember for next year! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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