Easy to Make Yarn Flowers- Without Crochet

Are you interested in easy to make yarn flowers that can be made without crochet? This post shows you how to easily create this fun project. 

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This month is full of birthdays, holidays, graduations and events.  There will be many gifts given and I wanted create something to make each gift unique.  These yarn flowers are easy to make and are a fun way to personalize gifts.  They can be used on gift boxes or to embellish gift bags. I plan to use these flowers for Mother’s Day gifts.  However they would be a great way to embellish a gift for a birthday party or even a housewarming present. If you are looking for a unique way to personalize your gifts, this is the perfect craft project for you.

Easy Yarn Flowers

I was able to make about 6 flowers in 40 minutes.  However, the first flower took a bit longer.  Once I got into the groove, the subsequent flowers were made faster.  I used wool yarn to make these flowers but you can use cotton yarn or polyester yarn.  You can also make these flowers in different colors or even multicolor yarns. 


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The first thing we need to do is gather our supplies.  Most of these craft supplies are everyday items available at your local craft store.  Where possible, I have provided links to online sources. 

  • Wooden craft wheel. I used a wheel that was 2.5 inches in diameter. 
  • Yarn – the yarn weight is a personal choice.  Thicker yarn creates fluffier flower petals. Thinner yarn is easier to work with.
  • Push pins
  • Ruler
  • Needle – large enough to accommodate the yarn
  • Pen 
  • Small craft paint brush
  • Glue or Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun and glue (optional)

Make the Template

Using the wooden wheel and a ruler, divide the wheel into 8 sections.  Using a pen, draw lines to mark each of these sections. When you are done, the wooden wheel should look like a pie or pizza, with various sections. At the outside edge of the wooden wheel, where the line ends, add a push pin. 

Wheel divided into 8 sections

This will be the template you use to make the yarn flowers.  You can use any size wooden wheel.  Just remember the larger the wooden wheel, the more yarn you will need. For this project, I used a wooden wheel 2.5 inches in diameter.  If you want to make smaller flowers, simply use a smaller wooden wheel.

Make the Flower Petals

Leaving 3-4 inches at the end of the yarn, start to wrap the yarn around each of the push pins.  Start with one push pin and then go to the push pin directly across.  Then loop the yarn to the push pin next to the first one.  From there loop it to the push pin directly across.  Keep working in this manner until each of the push pins has yarn wrapped around it.  

How to make yarn flowers

For fuller flowers with layered petals, wrap the yarn around each push pin two or three times.  If you want your petals to have a soft texture, use thicker yarn.  For petals that are clearly defined, use thinner yarn.  

When making your first flower, you might want to use thinner yarn or a twine for practice since it is easier to work with. 

Make the Flower Center

Using a separate piece of yarn about 6 inches long and a needle, with an eye large enough to accommodate the yarn, weave the yarn under and over the existing petals.  Keep weaving the yarn over and under the yarn petals until you have completed the circle two times.  This weaving should be in the center of the flower.  When you are done, carefully tie off the yarn pieces.  If it’s easier you can use a plastic needle. The needle is primarily used to weave the yarn under and over the existing petals. 

Although I did not try it, some people use a crochet hook for the same purpose. 

Also, you can use a different color combinations for the flower’s center. For example, you could use yellow yarn or pink yarn. 

​Remove Flower from Template

Once your flower center is complete, pull out the push pins and remove your yarn flower from the wooden template.  Now is a good time to fluff the petals and make any minor adjustments to your flower.  After removing the flower from the template, push the pins back into the wooden wheel so you can make another yarn flower.

Add Glitter to Flower Centers

Using the small craft paint brush, apply some glue to the center of your flower.  Then apply glitter to the flower center and set them aside to dry completely.  I let the glitter and glue on the flowers dry over night. 

Just a quick note, I found it was easier to make multiple flowers at one time and then to add the glue and glitter to all the flowers at the same time. 

Optional: Attach with Hot Glue

Once your flowers are dry, you can attach them to gifts using hot glue.  Simply plug in the hot glue gun and place a dollop of glue in the area you want to attach the flower.  

Beautiful Yarn Flowers

Below are some photos of the finished yarn flowers.  

Easy to Make Yarn Flowers

This is such a simple craft that yields beautiful results. Here are some other ideas for ways to use yarn flowers.

  • Add them to a hair clip
  • Add them to wooden napkin rings
  • Glue them to magnets 
  • Use them to adorn a straw hat
  • Add them to a tote bag
  • Glue them to the front of a journal
  • Use them to make a garland 
  • Attach them to a basket that is filled with goodies
Easy to Make Yarn Flowers


Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  I hope you found some inspiration!  No matter what occasion you are celebrating in the coming months, have fun adding a personal touch to the wrapped gift.

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  1. These are so cute, Anna! I love how you added the glitter to the center and how they can be used in so many different ways too. I can’t wait to try this so I can dress up my packages and make a book mark. This would be such a fun way to snuggle up with a beach read. Loving, pinning, and will share on Thursday, CoCo

  2. What a great idea Anna, I think I’ll give this a try with my daughter this weekend. Keep up the great work.

    Jim and Belle

  3. Great nifty, quick and beautiful Anna!😃🌸🌺🍃this inspires me to get out my supplies that I want to use up make some!

  4. Can’t wait to try my hand at creating these pretty yarn flowers that have so many uses.
    Thank you for the helpful instructions.

  5. Hey Anna! I love yarn flowers and yours turned out beautifully! The added sparkle from the glitter adds such a fun touch! So many uses for these adorable flowers!

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