Fall Collectibles


Now that fall is here, I can break out all the “fall collectibles”.  These are items that I love to bring out when autumn has arrived.  These are simple and affordable things that you can incorporate into your home decor that reflect the current season.

First of all, all things metal with a patina.  The more rustic that metal and the less refined, the better it is to incorporate into your decor.



Yellow ware is also great to incorporate into your home for fall decor.  It is timeless and so practical. Here is a vintage yellow ware pitcher that I love.  Below this photo is an antique butter crock that I also adore.




Another item to use is stoneware crocks.  The more the merrier.  You can tuck pumpkins into them or branches with berries.  They are also functional and can hold kitchen utensils or house plants.


These crocks also come in a variety of fall friendly glazes.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  It’s fun just to compile a variety of things and see how they inspire you.  Whatever you decide to use, have fun with the process.

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