Fall Foliage

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I don’t know about you, but recently I have been inspired by all the Fall foliage. Last week I was inspired by the Staghorn Sumac.  This week it is all the golden fronds of plants that remain.  By the way, I found out that I have an allergic reaction to Staghorn Sumac.  The rash on my forehead proves it.  Fun times. Anyway, before having an allergic reaction, I did manage to snap a few photos of the foliage.




For some reason, this year, the leaves of the maple trees did not turn red.  They were more golden and orange. In my quest for red foliage, I found my friend, Staghorn Sumac.  I also found some Bittersweet vine with the orange berries. Alas, this vine is an invasive species but it does have the most beautiful fall colored berries. If you look closely, you can see those berries in the photo above.



All of this foliage collecting inspired me to play around some more.  (Although, I have since preferred to avoid Mr. Sumac.)  This week, I stuck to the dried grasses with their golden hues.  The next thing you know, pretty much any empty container in our home was fair game for an arrangement.  Including, an old Sugar tin.



After playing around with the Sugar Tin, I decided to use an old coffee pot.



While “foofing” with the foliage in the coffee pot, I decided to move the entire arrangement to a dark background. My favorite foliage in the arrangement are the “bunny tail” grasses. Those are the skinny stems with the short oblong poofs at the end.



There you have it.  The Fall foliage round up and lessons learned. I hope you are inspired to collect some Fall foliage of your own and find any empty container in your home in which to display it.

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