Anna Happy Creating

Hi, I’m Anna!

I am Anna Price, the owner and creative mind behind Sky Lark House. 

Throughout this blog you will find tutorials on how to refurbish furniture, information on collecting vintage and antique items as well as posts focused on creating crafts or small DIY projects.

My path to Sky Lark House has been fueled with spirited travels and an appreciation of soulful design.

I have lived in 5 States and traveled to different places in the world, which has led to an appreciation of antique and vintage finds. My creative energy always sees the potential in vintage and antique items, particularly furniture, which I am drawn to for its craftmanship, quality and history.

Over the last 15 plus years I have honed my skills in refurbishing furniture while finding ways to incorporate it into our modern lives.

As a former vintage and antiques dealer, I also love to share my knowledge with you on identifying, collecting and finding vintage and antique items. This includes among other things: ironstone, transferware, yellowware, baskets and textiles.

I love to share seasonal decor ideas and projects. Especially those projects that don’t require a big investment of time and money. Most of the small crafts I share, such as wreaths, can be made during a Sunday afternoon.

My hope is that you find creative inspiration, useful knowledge and a little escape from the day to day reality when reading what I have to share.


Where you can find me!

In addition to finding me on this blog, you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.