Faux Spring Florals in the Entryway


Have you wondered how to incorporate faux spring florals into your home decor? This post shows you how to mix faux florals with real flowers.

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If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I live in upstate New York. Winters here are looong. I mean ridiculously long. Here we are towards the end of April and other than the occasional daffodil, no other flowers are blooming. In fact, we don’t even have leaves on our trees yet.

The full force of spring is not really felt until the middle of May. That’s when everything starts blooming and the freshly green leaves appear. It’s a wonderful time of year that I thoroughly enjoy. However, there is this stretch of time between March and the middle of May where, I still decorate for spring.

One of the areas of my home that I like to change to reflect the seasons, is the front entryway. We have a large table that used to be a work bench. It’s a great place for storing keys, mail, dog items and more. It’s super practical because when you walk in the front door, there is a place where you can set down any items you are carrying.

Since it is an area that we use so much, I like to change it up so it reflects the season. However, given that everything outside is still waking up from a long winter nap, I don’t have many branches or flowers I can use from outside. I prefer to use fresh flowers and florals but that isn’t a realistic possibility here in the northeast. Buying a continual supply of fresh flowers and blooming branches just isn’t within my budget.

For this reason, I use faux florals but I like to mix them with REAL flowers so that it’s difficult to determine what is real and what is not. The best part about using faux florals is that they can be put away at the end of the season and used again the following year. Let me walk you through how to create a display using faux florals that are supplemented with real flowers.

Faux Spring Florals

If you haven’t noticed, the world of faux florals has really exploded. Long gone are the days “silk” flowers that looked very very fake. I remember seeing these artificial flowers in my grandmothers house. These artificial flowers were always a little dusty and faded – which is to be expected for that time.

Now, the faux florals look so real! I find this to be particularly true for foliage. I have provided links to some of the faux florals that I routinely use.

Gather your Vessels for Florals

First gather together the containers you want to use for your display. I like to use some busts that are planter heads.

Planter heads for spring

You can also use any type of container you desire. Most displays look best where there is a grouping of similar items and a variation of height. Here are some ideas for vessels you can use:

  • old baskets
  • galvanized containers (like watering cans)
  • pottery
  • terracotta pots
  • stoneware
  • castiron urns
  • Glass bottles

Really, the list could be endless. Especially if you are using faux florals because the vessel doesn’t need to hold water. I find using at least 3 vessels grouped together makes the best display.

Arrange the Display

Next take your vases/pottery and arrange them in the area you want to create your spring floral display. It’s always best to vary the heights by using some risers. I also like to have some layers where smaller vessels are in front of larger containers. Here are some ideas for items you can use as risers:

  • Candle holders – particularly those used for pillar candles
  • Architectural salvage pieces – especially old columns
  • Old books
  • Old stoneware pots turned upside down
  • Cake stands

Try to arrange the containers so they can all be seen at least partially while giving variation to the height of the display.

Spring entryway display

You can see from the photo that I used a candle holder to elevate one of the smaller busts while I used books to elevate the ironstone pitcher and architectural salvage for the larger planter head.

Spring entryway with faux florals

There is also a separate blog post showing you how to make the Moss Wreath which is hanging on the mirror.

Add the Florals

My number one TIP is to only use faux florals that are currently blooming and reflective of the season. So for example, I would not use artificial pears or sunflowers during the spring. The faux florals I selected included ferns and blooming dogwood branches.

Tuck the faux florals into the different vessels until you get a look that appeals to you.

You can see that some of the planter heads have daffodils and pussy willow branches. Those are REAL florals. I filled some small mason jars with water and set them into the planter heads. I added the real florals to the mason jars. Fortunately, I do have some daffodils blooming in the garden. The pussy willow branches are from Trader Joes.

Then around each jar of water, I tucked in more artificial ferns and foliage.

Keep adjusting the faux and real florals to your satisfaction.

Enjoy your Faux Spring Florals

There you have it! Easy peasy. I have had these faux ferns for more than 4 years and I use them every year. To store the faux florals, at the end of the season, I wrap them up in kraft paper and tape the edges shut. Then I stash them away downstairs.

Below are some images you can pin to your Pinterest account if you want to reference this post in the future.

Using Faux Spring Florals in the entryway

You can see in the photo above that the daffodils and pussy willows are real.

An entryway display using faux and real spring florals.

The lady planter head on the left is resting on a concrete container that I turned upside down.

Using Faux and Real Spring Florals in the entrway

How do you celebrate spring? Do you change your decor? If so, do you have any decorating traditions? I am always curious about how other people decorate for spring and other seasons.


Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you are embracing spring and all that it has to offer. It’s so exciting to have green grass again and soon, on the not too distant horizon, we will have leaves on the trees and flowers in the garden.

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  1. How lovely!! The mix of real and faux flowers is amazing. Pussy willows are some of my favorites, especially mixed with greens 🙂 Your planter heads are so cool….I have never come across anything like those here in the Midwest. Someday soon we WILL see leaves and flowers again! Pinned, friend!

      1. I love this entryway. Thank you for the suggestions of what to use and the tips on how to create the arrangement. All very helpful for one to whom this decorating does not come naturally.

  2. Anna, your entryway looks absolutely gorgeous styled for Spring! I love the idea of mixing real and faux flowers together! Your arrangements are beautiful! I have one planter head but your photo makes me want more!!! I hope it warms up there soon!

  3. Those are the CUTEST planters! I love how you put everything together. Thanks for the inspiration this weekend!

    Happy day!

  4. Such a beautiful way to welcome the spring season into your home. Your entry is one of my favorite spots in blogland! I love your chippy pieces and the way you can dress it up or down no matter what the occasion. Thanks so much for giving us your best tips on how to mix faux and real. Good faux flowers are not always easy to find. Your planters are giving me so much inspiration! Hugs, CoCo

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