Fresh Finds for October

It has been awhile since I shared some recent finds. So the purpose of this post is to share some fresh finds for the month of October. During the last several months, I have made a number of trips, including one to Delaware, to replenish my inventory. While in Delaware, I was able to see some good friends in addition to picking up a few items.

Image of vintage and antique finds  for Sky Lark House
A compilation of recent finds

The photo above shows the majority of the items, however, some things were too large to bring into the house. Most notably, some architectural salvage pieces were too large to carry inside. Rather than go through every item in the photo, I took some staged photos of some of my favorite items. These photos that have a simpler composition which makes them easier to write about.

Child’s Toy and Vintage Cabinet

Vintage child's tricycle push rider on vintage cabinet
Child’s Trike Scooter on Vintage Cabinet

So the photo above shows my first two fresh finds for October. Honestly, I don’t even know how to properly describe this little toy – except to say that it is so charming! What you can’t see is that there is a white drawing of a bunny on the seat. This little child’s riding/push toy was found in Delaware. Wait! I have an update. Google is a wonderful thing. According to Google – this little toy is called a “Child’s Trike Scooter”.

The little vintage cabinet is also a recent find and was purchased in New York. I believe this is from the 1920s-1930s and at one time was part of a larger kitchen set. This little cabinet has an enamel tray built into the top. This tray can be popped out for easy cleaning and once clean – can be set back into the top of the cabinet. If someone were making bread or rolling out a pie crust, this would be a very handy feature.

Child Size Victorian Chest of Drawers

Child size Victorian chest of drawers
Child size Victorian chest of drawers

Another favorite fresh find for October was this child size Victorian chest of drawers. I love the scallop details and the key hole escutcheons. There are so many uses for the unique piece of furniture.

Antique Plant Stand and Oak Table

Antique plant stand on oak table
Antique plant stand on painted oak table

Another one of my favorite fresh finds for October is this antique plant stand. It needed a little TLC but has turned out to be fabulous piece. These little stands are harder to find and they are great for display. This little antique plant stand is sitting on top of the cutest little oak table with original wooden casters. This little oak table came from my friend Cindy at Reinvented Delaware. The base of the table was painted by Cindy using MMS milk paint in the color “Mustard Seed Yellow”. The fact that it has a shelf on the bottom makes it so useful.

Other Items

Aside from those items pictured here, I also found some great architectural salvage pieces. There is a fantastic primitive wooden hook rack that came out of a barn built in 1845. It was used to hold tack for horses. I also have an 8-foot architectural column and a giant piece of dental molding which is about 5 feet long. So those pieces will eventually make their way to the booth – as time and space permit.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It feels good to be back blogging again after taking a short break. It’s so fun to share these finds with you.

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