How to Make an Easy DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

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This post walks you through the steps for making an Easy DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath for your front door or anywhere in your home.

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Autumn in the Northeast

As we approach the end of August, it means that autumn is just around the corner. Here in the Northeast, fall doesn’t last long. By the time November arrives, the leaves are gone and we have already had some snow flurries. So, September and October are the only 2 months for fall and let me tell you, those 8 weeks go by quickly.

There’s a lot of “apple and pumpkin spice” everything to fit into 8 weeks. Since the season is short and goes by quickly, I like to get a head start by making a wheat wreath at the end of August.

DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

Just between you and I . . . this wreath is super easy to make because I already had a wheat wreath. I just decided it needed to be spruced up!

If you want to make a wheat wreath, using wheat bundles, read the post on how make a simple fall wreath.

If you already own a wheat wreath, perhaps from last year, let me show you how to give it new life.

DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

Existing Wheat Wreath

The big secret to this project is to use what you may already have. As I said, I already had a wheat wreath from last year but it was a little “blah”. It seemed too tidy and boring. I prefer my wreaths to be a little unwieldy and have more personality. Rather than buying a new wreath, I decided to take this existing one and give it some love.


Below are the supplies you will need for this project.

  • Wheat wreath – you can use one from a previous year or purchase a new one. Craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabric will usually carry them.
  • Pampas grass picks (artificial or real)
  • Corn husks (sometimes you can find these for free if you live in an area where corn is grown)
  • hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters / pliers
  • Twine or ribbon to hang your wreath
Fall wreath supplies

Attach Corn Husks

After laying the wreath flat and plugging in the hot glue gun, I generally laid out where I wanted to attach the corn husks. Then I flipped the wreath over so it was face down.

Attaching corn husks to wreath

I started attaching the corn husks on the back of the wreath and then filled in some of the emptier spots on the front of the wreath. My goal was to cover up the brown wreath frame. Take your time with this process.

I personally don’t mind if the corn husks were extending beyond the wreath frame. I like the wild and unruly nature of corn husks. If however you prefer a neater and more uniform appearance, you can trim the corn husks.

Wreath with corn husks

You can see in the photo above how the corn husks covered the interior of the wreath frame.

Add Pampas Grass

Next using either faux pampas grass picks or real pampas grass, fill in the front of the wreath. Because this wreath will be on the front door, exposed to the elements, I decided to use faux pampas grass.

Add pampas grass

I tucked in the pampas grass into different sections of the wreath.

Trim with wire cutter pliers

If there are any stems that poke through the back of the wreath, simply cut them off using some wire cutters. Of course, this assumes you are using faux pampas grass. If you are using real pampas grass, you can trim the stems with clippers or scissors.

If you feel the need, you can also use hot glue to secure the pampas grass to the wreath form. I found the stems were inserted snuggly into the wreath form so no glue was needed.

Keep arranging and fluffing your wreath until it looks pleasing to you.

Enjoy your DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

Congratulations! Your wreath is ready for you to enjoy and ready to be hung on your front door.

DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

I prefer the wild and sightly disheveled look of this wreath. Adding just a few extra elements gave the wreath more personality.

DIY Autumn Wheat Wreath

My favorite part is that it took about 30 minutes to create this gorgeous wreath.

Similar Wreaths

If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own wreath, no problem! I have linked some similar styles below.


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  1. Rachel-The Antiqued Journey

    So lovely!!! You sure spruced up that wreath in a gorgeous way!! Love the addition of the pampas’s so wispy and fun 🙂 Pinned!

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you so much Rachel. Appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Kathy

    Oh, this wreath looks so special now with your additions to it!

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you so much Kathy!

  3. Donna

    Anna, Your wreath looks so beautiful! I love how you spruced it up with the pampas grass! I hope you have the best Fall ever! Can’t believe it’s so close!

    • Sky Lark House

      I am still trying to figure out how fall even arrived. Weren’t we just decorating in red, white and blue?

  4. MaryJo Materazo

    This looks great Anna! You totally amp’d the fall feels on your wheat wreath. I love using the corn husks. What a great idea. I am totally ready for fall and for the heat to go away but I think we have awhile here in California. XO- MaryJo

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you for the kind words MaryJo. Oh and I remember well those California days in September and October . . .

  5. CoCo

    What a great way to upcycle an old wreath, Anna, this is beautiful! I can’t get over how adding a few additional picks and corn husks changed the look of the wreath. It’s amazing and I’m definitely inspired to try something similar at our house too! Loving and pinning as always sweet friend and am excited to share on an upcoming From the Front Porch post, CoCo

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you so much CoCo! I truly appreciate you sharing this post with your readers.

  6. Tanya Derrey Bingham

    I love what you did with a wreath you already had Anna! The additions you made are so pretty, pinning! Hugs- Tanya 🙂

    • Sky Lark House

      Thanks so much Tanya!

  7. Wendy McMonigle

    This wreath is beautiful and I love the subtle color variations you used.

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you so much Wendy! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Lynne Zemaitis

    Anna, I love how you personalized this wreath to create such a gorgeous fall wreath!! I am excited to feature your wreath at this week’s Tuesday Turn About. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Sky Lark House

      Thank you so much Lynne! I appreciate the Feature and that you took the time to stop by!


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