In the Garden – Drying Flowers

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In a previous post, I talked about collecting seeds.  Now that Winter is just around the corner, this is our last opportunity to take advantage of all that the garden has to offer.  This is particularly true in the northeast.

In addition to collecting seeds, I love to dry flowers.  When February rolls around with its negative temperatures and blustery weather – looking at dried flowers lifts my soul and reminds me that warmer weather will return.

This year, during a trip to Maine, I had the opportunity to collect and dry Peegee hydrangeas.  When I went to Maine in September, these flowers were blooming abundantly.  Their heavy, oversized, mop-heads drooping down.  They were kissed with light pink in some areas due to the cooler autumn temperatures rolling in.



So, I cut them and hung them upside down in my basement to dry.  That’s the secret to drying flower- hang them upside down in a cool, dry, dry place.

Now when I look upon them in late Winter, they are the perfect reminder of warmer days to come.  They will very much be appreciated.

As an aside, the box is on old artist’s paint box.  The plates inside the box are antique blue and white transferware.

I hope you all have the chance to get outside before the colder weather arrives to collect and dry some flowers!


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