In the Garden- Winter Plants


I have been outside wandering by the garden feeling a bit sad for it and the ghostly stalks of plants that remain.  However, there is absolutely zero chance of me actually gardening outside.  With these temperatures, it’s pretty much all I can do to check the mail while running back inside.  It’s cold out there!

So, to cure my garden fever during the winter months I focus on two things.  First on the growth and care of indoor plants. Second, I start ordering seeds and coming up with plans for the garden come spring.

First, I love to grow some of the more unusual indoor plants.  Please don’t confuse that statement with me actually being successful at growing these plants.  It’s more that I just keep trying to grow them – with varying success.

When I go to Maine, one of my favorite places to get plants is from Snug Harbor Farm.  They truly have an amazing collection and cultivate many of their own plants. They sell some unique varieties of succulents, topiaries and ferns. They also make their own terra-cotta pots.




So far, I have had good success in keeping my plants alive that I purchased from them.



Here are a few more photos of the indoor “winter garden”. Little green plants to sustain my soul until there are warmer days.




Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Stay warm. May your houseplants keep your garden soul inspired.

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