In the workshop- “After” Antique China Cabinet



Thank goodness for Mr. Sky Lark House.  Without his assistance, I never would have gotten this antique cabinet up the 17 stairs.  Even with his help, it was a struggle and carrying it up into the apartment really made me long for living in a single story home again.  When we were carrying this antique cabinet up the stairs, we may have used some stronger language to convey this sense of longing.

Anyway, you are here to see the “after” of the cabinet.  You will not be disappointed. As usual, I used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  With the official start of fall, I find myself gravitating towards metals.  I always love the patina from pewter, tarnished silver and worn brass.  These tones and colors always remind me of fall.  With that in mind, I decided to paint the exterior the color “Trophy“.  To provide a little contrast and to brighten the interior of the cabinet, I decided to use the color “Berger“. I personally, like being able to look inside an old cabinet and have assurance that there are no spiders or insects hiding in a remote corner.  Also, with a mahogany interior, the dark wood color swallows up anything you put inside the cabinet.

I sealed the paint using hemp oil because the wood on this piece of furniture was definitely dehydrated.



Do you know that taking photos of curved glass doors is very challenging?  Yes, it is.  Here are some photos which sort of capture the curved glass front.



I was happy with how she turned out.  Her shellac patina was largely kept in tact and shines through so beautifully. The rosettes turned out beautifully.


Without further discussion, here are some more “after” photos for you to peruse.







Eventually, I plan to take this piece to the NEW Stone Soup location at 2144 Doubleday Ave in Ballston Spa.  However, I am in no hurry to carry it down 17 stairs while making sure the curved glass door remains intact.  So, I think this cabinet will be staying put for several weeks.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  I hope you are inspired to see the potential and beauty in an old piece of furniture.


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