In the workshop- Pine buffet “After”



Welcome back!  The purpose of this post is to share the “after” version of the Pine Buffet.  Just as a refresher, we had unusually warm weather this past weekend and I took full advantage of it.  I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday working on the buffet. With the warmer weather, I was able to use my random orbit sander, wood glue and other tools that normally I can’t use when it is 20 degrees in our garage. Not to mention, my fingers didn’t freeze so I can actually feel what I am doing.

The majority of time was spent simply sanding her down.  Using a random orbit sander works great and saves time, but I still had to do a fair amount of hand sanding.  I started off using 150 grit paper and finished it with 220 grit.  Once she was completely sanded, she was protected with Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax – the clear coat.  Then I went over the buffet again with a white wax.

I gave her some new simple white porcelain knobs which, I think she likes.  Doesn’t she look happier?




I also secured her shelf which had the unfortunate habit of bumping around whenever she was moved. Yes, for those of you who noticed, my basil has grown roots.  I am unable to discard any living plants so I happily keep this little sprout of basil on the kitchen window sill. When the weather gets warmer, I will plant it outside.  Until then, it makes surprise appearances in photographs.




Now that the buffet is finished, she reminds me of the type of furniture you would see in a country kitchen in Ireland or England. I am astounded at the amount storage space in this little buffet.  The drawer has dividers, which is perfect for utensils or linen napkins. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the inside of the drawer.



All in all, she turned out pretty well!  Now, hopefully, she will find another home and spend another 50 or so years serving a loving family with her generous storage and country style looks. Thank you for stopping by the blog today.  Hopefully you are inspired to keep your eye out for old pine furniture.  It is definitely worth saving!

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