In the Workshop- Victorian Vanity


Now that the French Button  Back Chair is complete, I’m ready to start a new project.

I picked up this Victorian vanity last fall and finally have time to start working on it.


Victorian Vanity


The mirror is hiding behind the vanity and is leaning against the wall.

The vanity needs some repairs. For example some of the drawers need to be fixed and the mirror needs some pieces to be reattached.

Unfortunately, all the hand painted details of the flowers will have to be removed.  The paint is in poor condition and the wooden panels with the floral motif have warped.



So after doing some repairs, I plan to sand down the entire piece of furniture.


I think this vanity has nice lines and it is a generous size.  So, I think it can translate well into a modern day home.  Sometimes Victorian furniture is such a small scale that it isn’t practical for our modern lives.



Also, the original wheels are in great condition and add so much character to the piece.

As I make progress on giving this piece a facelift and extending its life, I will post updates on the blog.


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  1. Ah-I love the paint details! Think I’d leave them…but I would split it into two so it could be used on either side of a bed or sofa. Great piece. But yes, remake it to fit in with your style:)

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