Merry Christmas From Sky Lark House

7 vintage mercury glass ornaments on a plate with a pitcher
First I wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and joyful Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas From Sky Lark House to you. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the expectations and stress that comes with this time of year. Sometimes, it can over shadow the reason for the season. If it offers you any sense of camaraderie, I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year. I simply couldn’t find 2 free hours in a crazy holiday schedule. Still, Christmas will come and I aim to enjoy every moment I can with a small gathering of family members.

Second, a BIG thank you to all of you who shopped my booth at Stone Soup. I am truly humbled by the turnout. Y’all showed up big time and really supported my little business. Thank you.

Third, I am doing a re-cap of some of the holiday posts from the last 6 weeks that gave you DIYs, Crafts, and Collecting information. This way, you will have all the links in one location.

Acorn and Pine Cone Wreath

The season started off when Cindy from Reinvented Delaware and I collaborated on a wreath project. We used some acorns, 3 small pine cones, an MDF wreath form, gold spray paint and a hot glue gun to make this project.

Wreath made with acorns and 3 pine cones with gold paint

You can read about how to make this wreath HERE. It was a festive way to kick-off the season of crafting and DIYs.

White Painted Oak Dresser

Then I shared with you the process used to make-over an antique dresser with the most stubborn green paint on it.

Antique Dresser with White Milk Paint

This dresser required that I scraped off about 10 pounds of old green paint before I could work on giving it a new look. You can read about it HERE. Also, if you look closely at the photo above, there was a little hint of another project that I was working on … more on that later

Easy Plaid Wreath

Cindy and I collaborated again in the development of this fun and easy plaid wreath.

It was so much fun to create and we made a fun little reel on Instagram. All you need for this project is a straw wreath form, plaid fabric cut into 3 inch squares, scissors, something, like a chop stick, to poke holes into the wreath form and a hot glue gun. You can read all about creating this wreath HERE.

Refurbished Oak Dresser

Then I shared with you my journey on giving an antique oak dresser a make-over. It was such a fun and easy project – particularly when compared to the white painted oak dresser.

Antique oak dresser with basket and cutlery on top

This project just required a lot of sanding and patience. However, the work was definitely worth it! I am so happy with how this dresser turned out. The main message was that YOU can also achieve a similar look if you find an old oak dresser. You can read more about the transformation HERE.

DIY Wooden Finial Ornaments

Remember when I told you that I had hinted at a future project when I was working on the white painted oak dresser? Well, I was testing out the idea of turning some wooden finials into ornaments.

Four wooden finial ornaments

I had a variety of wooden finials that I found in an old wood working shop in Maine. I bought a bunch of them from the owner but wasn’t sure exactly how I would use them. This season, I decided to turn them into ornaments! You can read about how I achieved this time worn and chippy affect HERE.

Vintage Santa Mugs

Then we talked about collecting vintage Santa mugs! With each passing Christmas, I find myself drawn more and more to collecting Santa mugs from the 1950s-1960s.

Collection Vintage Santa Mugs

In THIS post, I give you some tips on what to look for to ensure you are buying an authentic vintage mug. These mugs are still an affordable item to collect and they bring so much joy when I unpack them every Christmas season. When you are out at flea markets and thrift stores in the middle of summer – keep your eyes open for them.

Easy Christmas Crafts with Paper

Making ornaments and decorations is an inherent part of celebrating Christmas. To me, these activities bring meaning to the season and they help me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Three paper stars

In THIS post, I shared with you some easy and fun paper crafts that you can make to celebrate the Holiday season. Every year, I revisit these activities and every year, I enjoy making them again.

Easy Paper Snowflakes

There was such a positive response from you on the previous post, that I decided to create a new paper craft. This year, I showed you how to make paper snowflakes out of a roll of paper, scissors and a glue gun. An optional item was a 1 inch paper punch out in the shape of a star.

Three paper snowflakes

Next year, I will add this project to my list of easy Christmas crafts with paper. To help you better understand how to make these paper snowflakes, I included a short video at the end of the post. You can read the instructions and watch the video HERE.


So that is a quick summary of some of the projects we worked on during the last 6 weeks. I hope you find these posts inspiring and useful. As always, please share your projects with me. I always love to see the things you all create – whether it’s refurbishing furniture or making paper crafts. Thank you for visiting the blog. Merry Christmas!

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  1. I’m loving the papercrafts you made, Anna! I haven’t made many projects with paper, but those snowflakes with the paper punch center are speaking to me! Merry Christmas! Pinning! 🙂

    1. Cindy thank you for commenting ! The paper crafts really are easy to make and fun. I also use the snowflakes to decorate gifts for people. Merry Christmas!!

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