Milk Paint Projects for Autumn

I am sharing the work of creatives and their milk paint projects for autumn, which were created for the MMS milk paint company.

During the last year a number of creative bloggers have partnered with MMS milk paint to show you how you can create some easy DIY projects using milk paint. In this post, I will summarize the great ideas that were shared on the MMS milk paint blog during the month of October. Some of these ideas can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving and all of them can be used for autumn.

So if you are looking for some inspiration and ideas related to decorating or creating projects for autumn, you are in the right place!

Autumn MMS Milk Paint Projects


First off, the milk paint color for the month of October is Curio which is a rich brown. There is a blog post sharing the different ways you can use this paint color. In addition to using it as a solid paint color, when it is thinned out with water, Curio can be used as a stain.

Another interesting fact about Curio is that the color changes depending upon how you seal the piece.


You can see from the image above, that there is considerable variability in the final paint color which gives you a lot of versatility when deciding how you want to use the paint.

You can see some examples of furniture painted in the color Curio.

Painting Books

Kelly from The Tattered Pew, used Curio to paint some books. She walks you through the steps she followed to create these books in this post on the MMS milk paint blog.

I thought these painted books were especially charming to use for your autumn decor. Hop on over to the blog post to learn how to create this fast and easy DIY.

DIY Terra Cotta Pot Jack O’ Lantern

Elizabeth from The Country Peony, created some adorable Jack O’ Lanterns using terra cotta plant pots.

This is fun project to create if you have young children. Of course, milk paint is nontoxic, derived from plants, and uses only 4 ingredients. Making this painting project perfectly safe for little ones. Elizabeth walks you through the process of creating these terra cotta Jack O’lanterns on the MMS milk paint blog. There is also a video included in this post where she shows you how to make this project.

Man in the Moon Sign

Nicole from Thirteen Hundred North created an amazing Man in the Moon sign using MMS milk paint.

This Man in the Moon sign is perfect for Halloween. Nicole walks you through the steps she followed to create this sign. This project only took about an hour to complete!

Creating a Custom Stain

Remember when I said Curio could be used as a stain? Kathy, from the Upstream Home, has a fabulous post on how to create a custom stain. She walks you through the process she used to create a custom stain for an old oak coffee table that she refinished.

Curio Stain

That coffee table is stunning! She also has a video included in the blog post and you can see a “before” photo of the table.

Autumn Leaves

I also contributed to the MMS milk paint blog recently and shared my project on how to create autumn leaves with milk paint. In this post, I walk you through the process I used to create your own autumn leaves and presented some ideas on how to incorporate the leaves into your decor.

Autumn Leaves using Milk Paint

The leaves can be used for seating arrangements at Thanksgiving. Simply make the leaves and write your guests name on the front and then set it on a plate or napkin. Because MMS milk paint is nontoxic and environmentally friendly, it’s perfectly safe to put these leaves on a plate. You can also use the leaves to adorn a cornucopia or to create a garland. There is also a video included in this post so hop on over and check it out.

Gathering Antiques and Vintage Items

Kathy from West End Vintage & Interiors wrote an informative post on how to gather antiques and vintage items from flea markets and fairs. Before we paint anything using MMS milk paint, we have to FIND it!

Antique and Vintage items

Kathy wrote a great post that has a lot of good information on how to gather furniture and other items from outdoor markets and fairs. She gives you tips on how to negotiate a price, how to transport your items back home and items you should bring with you. This blog post is definitely worth a read. She also included a video showing you her most recent finds.


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  1. Such fun ideas!! There are so many amazing and talented creatives out there….just amazing work. I LOVE your little leaves, Anna! How fun for fall!

  2. The power of paint never ceases to amaze me, Anna! I love all the different projects you shared and how you highlighted so many talented creatives as well. It’s been a long time since I’ve painted a piece of furniture but this post definitely makes me want to pick up the paintbrush again. Big hugs, CoCo

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