Miss Mustard “Seedlings”


Photograph by Marian Parsons for Miss Mustard Seed Mentoring


Some of you may already know that this past Summer I became a Miss Mustard “Seedling”.  Marian Parsons, AKA Miss Mustard Seed, has been blogging, creating, painting and a general industry icon for quite sometime.  Among other things, she refurbished furniture, sold antiques, created paint line, wrote some books, and has established herself as a talented painter. If you aren’t familiar with her, here is a link to her website  .


Marian of Miss Mustard Seed


She recently launched a mentoring program which you can read about here. This program is focused on assisting those individuals who classify themselves as “Creative Entrepreneurs”.

She has partnered with Shaunna West and Wendy Batten in providing weekly advice, videos and tips to a group of “Mustard Seedlings” to those of us who have small businesses that we hope to grow.

To say the experience of working with Marian and her mentoring program has been phenomenal would be an understatement.  It is evident that a great deal of thought, time and effort went into the creation of her mentoring program.  The program covers everything from business basics like creating an LLC and having adequate insurance to teaching you about how to use social media effectively, how to use a DSLR camera, how to effectively do branding and how to market your business.

The one-on-one mentoring offers advice that is tailored to your situation and needs. In my case, she gave me some great photography tips which I continue to practice.  Her encouragement is the reason that I started this blog.

In addition to the information above, one of the best things about this program is connecting with other creatives. For me, the ability to talk to other creative people and share challenges that we face on a daily basis brings a great deal of solace, insight, and even solutions. There are business owners in all phases of their creative careers who are part of the group.  May all the members of this group continue to grow from seedlings into plants where eventually, we bloom into a beautiful field of Mustard Seed.



Photo from St Stanislaus.com


For those of you who are following the path of having a Creative Business, I can’t recommend the Mustard Seed Mentoring Program highly enough.

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