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Today, I am sharing with you my favorite link parties. Read on to learn more about the women who host these parties and their websites.

Blogging can be a lonely activity. It was sorta the “work from home” gig before we officially had working from home. One of the secrets to a successful blog is meeting other bloggers who overlap with your niche. Do you remember that quote that goes something like “Behind every successful man is a strong woman”?

Behind every successful blog there are tribes and I mean TRIBES of other bloggers. It’s entirely possible that you know someone online but don’t actually meet them for years.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite bloggers and their amazing link parties. These are talented women who work hard and who also support other bloggers. These women are definitely part of my blogging tribe.

Wait. Did you ask -what’s a link party? Great question. Let me tell you!

A link party is a website site where bloggers gather to share internet “links” to their projects, ideas, crafts, recipes, home decor and more. Link parties are AMAZING! They are a well spring of ideas and inspiration.

So without further explanation – let’s jump into two of my favorite link parties and talk about the women who host them.

Tuesday Turn About Link Party

The first link party I want to share with you is entitled Tuesday Turn About and it is hosted by three women:

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware

Julie from My Wee Abode

Lynne from My Family Thyme

Here are some recent projects by these women.

Cindy painted her air fryer and it looks amazing. (I thought it was a Smeg appliance)

Julie has a small living room update and spring tour. It is so inspiring. I am tempted to break out the vacuum and windex for my own living room.

Lynne shared this fabulous summer salad recipe with berries. This is a perfect recipe to use for a weekend brunch.

In addition to their regular updates on their blogs, these ladies host the Tuesday Turn About link party every week, where so many talented bloggers submit a wide variety of home related ideas. If you get a chance, you may want to check it out. Yes, the link party is on Tuesdays!

Also each of these ladies can be found on other platforms such as You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. If you like their blogs, you may want to follow them on these other platforms.

Fabulous Fridays Link Party

Fabulous Fridays is another link party that attracts some amazing talent.

Diane from South House Designs wrote about installing these hillside steps in preparation for the summer days ahead. She is making a number of improvements to her outdoor living areas.

Lynn from Living Large in a Small House shares a recipe for homemade ranch dressing. Perfect timing since our gardens will soon be producing lettuce, herbs and more.

Michele from Vintage Home Designs discusses how to add character to your home with thrifted finds. Including this amazing 8 foot dining table for $125.

Finally, Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm shares her recipe for Honey Walnut Shrimp. Again, with the arrival of spring, this seems like a perfect meal.

Again, in addition to their regular blog updates, Pinterest posts, Instagram Posts and You Tube videos – these women host the Fabulous Fridays Link party which attracts a wide array of talented bloggers who have all sorts of ideas, recipes, decorating tips and more. Yes, the link party is on Fridays.


Do you remember the days before the internet was popular and we used to get magazines in the mail? Some of us would eagerly await the next publication of these magazines. Some of us would keep certain copies for years and revisit them for inspiration. Link parties are like an entire collection of magazines in one place, except you don’t have to wait an entire month to see the content.

These link parties are held every week, which means that you can check these sites on a regular basis to get new inspiration and ideas. They are also a great way to find new content and blogs that you may want to follow. Finally, it’s always nice to support the women who pour their hearts and souls into creating content for you, so if you are inclined, please leave a comment on their blog posts.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some new ideas and inspiration for the coming season.

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  1. Yummmm, that berry salad looks scrumptious, and I love to hear new ideas on how to weave thrifted finds into our homes. Thanks for this morning’s magazine!

  2. You’re the best! Thanks so much for sharing our link party with your readers! Thanks so much for supporting your fellow bloggers 🥰

    1. My pleasure. Love your link party! Thank you for putting in the work to host the party. It’s not easy!

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