On Success and Failure


I believe our culture under values the importance of failure.  Whether it is a big failure or a small failure, there is a great deal to learn.  It is through the experience of failure that we become better crafts-women, wives, mothers, supervisors, siblings, writers, business women etc.

On my journey here with this blog and business, I most certainly will make mistakes.  I will certainly encounter failure.  My hope is that I will have the grace, presence and fortitude to embrace these moments.  To learn from them so that, next time, I can do even better.

Our society can be so adverse to failure – which with certain areas is great.  I really enjoy flying from the East Coast to the West Coast safely.  I also like to believe in the skills that surgeons possess.  However, in other areas, the fear of failure can prevent us from taking risks.  It can prevent us from growing and developing personally and technically.

My hope is to share my successes and failures with you on this blog.



Sharing my failures can hopefully inspire you and perhaps, prevent you from making a similar mistake.  (I’m looking at you wood filler)  More importantly, you can’t have true success until you have squarely looked failure in the eye and assessed the situation.

On a separate note, the table top is coming along quite nicely now. Hopefully, she will be done soon.

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