Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing

The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the more popular posts shared during the previous month. We are unboxing all the DIYs, vintage items, antiques, furniture makeovers and crafts. I am unpacking all of the information shared within the last 30 or so days.

Sky Lark House Monthly Unboxing

This past month was all about the Christmas season and holiday. Most of the posts were centered around creating projects that bring an air of festivity into your home.

Sky Lark House Unboxing December 2022

I will also be sharing some posts from other bloggers with you and highlighting some hand-picked favorite finds!

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So let’s get started!

Outdoor Urns

Outdoor Christmas Urns

We started December by sharing ideas for decorating your porch using outdoor urns. Although the vintage Santa has been put away, the outdoor urns with their greenery remain on my front porch.

Clay Ornaments

DIY Clay Ornaments

Then I showed you how to make these DIY clay ornaments using air dry clay. This was fun way to get into the holiday spirit. These ornaments can really be made for any time of the year, including Valentine’s Day. All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Christmas Planter Heads

Christmas Planter Heads

This was the most popular post for the month of December. You were intrigued with the idea of these Christmas Planter Heads. These planter heads are so fun to change up to match the season or holiday. I can’t wait for spring so I can fill them with flowering bulbs.

Hot Cocoa Gift Idea

This hot cocoa gift idea is a perfect last minute gift you can easily put together. Again, it can also be customized for any event or holiday. Wouldn’t a hot cocoa crate filled with Valentine’s and heart shaped mini marshmallows be adorable?

In related news

Have you ever visited Courtney at Vettel Farm? Oh my gosh, there is so much inspiration on her site. She recently wrote a great post on vintage inspired valentine decor. As an aside, you should check out her jadeite collection. It is drool worthy!

Michele at Vintage Home Designs has revamped her blog. She wrote a great post talking about the new design and talks about her mission of sharing budget friendly ways to create a cozy home. You can read all about it HERE.

Hand-Picked Faves

Four bloggers, Cindy from Reinvented Delaware, Regina from Saved From Salvage, Lora Bloomquist of Create and Ponder, and myself have gotten together to share some of their favorite finds with you. Below you will find our hand-picked selection of items that we use, adore and integrate into our lives.

Hand Picked Favorites

Anna from Sky lark House

Since we are now in January, my focus for 2023 is on wellness. During the past couple of years, I have neglected self care while managing life’s demands. As many of you know, I have a full time job in addition to this blog. Finding a healthy balance amongst competing demands is always a challenge. So this year, I am trying to show up more for myself. In particular, I plan to show up on my yoga mat a couple of times per week, go to bed by 10 pm and be more conscious of what I eat. (Bread and sugar – I am looking at you!). As someone who is close to 50, my body does not have the same resiliency it did 20 years ago. It’s time to acknowledge this.

My handpicked favorites for this month relate to wellness and taking care of ourselves.

  • This YOGA MAT with extra cushioning is perfect if you have sore knees or wrists.
  • These YOGA BLOCKS are a must.
  • This DIFFUSER can be used before you go to sleep; and
  • This ESSENTIAL OIL helps to ensure you will get a good night’s sleep.

I learned about the essential oil from CoCo at The Crowned Goat and it was a fabulous recommendation.

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware

Cindy of  Reinvented Delaware

    • Holiday decorating can make our muscles hurt, am I right? My back and shoulders can really get sore fast after all of the lifting, moving, rearranging, taking down….you know, all the things! My Bob and Brad Massage Gun takes care of all of my aches and pains. The great thing is, I can use this massage gun for about 5-10 minutes in the evening while watching TV and I get instant relief! Currently, it’s 37% off!!

    • You might know I am a big planner! The pen and paper type of planner. For the last 6 years, I have used the bullet journal system to keep my life straight and I’ve never looked back! This year I found an amazing dot-grid journal that is perfect for my bullet journal needs. I purchased several, one for a personal daily writing journal, one for note-taking for my business meetings, and of course, one for my bullet journal. As a side note, Pentel Energel pens with .3 Needle tips are the best pens on the planet!

    • We don’t hire anyone to come to clean our home although I have considered it lately! But our Roomba vacuum keeps things tidy between cleanings. We have had one for the last 10 years. I have mine set to vacuum 3 times each week and I empty the dirt container on the weekends. It’s such an easy way to stay on top of the mess the floors can become!

    • Last year, I got serious about making homemade yogurt in our Instant Pot. It’s so tasty and I have it each morning with frozen berries or in a smoothie. Then I found the perfect container to strain off the whey to make greek yogurt. Hubby and I were talking about the savings at dinner last night: One qt store-bought greek yogurt costs about $5. One quart of homemade greek yogurt costs about $1! That’s a huge savings!

Regina from Saved From Salvage

Regina Saved from Salvage

    • You know how after Christmas you just want to organize and clean everything? We just purchased 5 of these COMMERCIAL GRADE SHELVES for the garage. They have six shelves, are easy to assemble and are super sturdy. They hold so much. I’m headed back for more soon.

    • I’ve been crazy busy organizing and these are my go to STORAGE TUBS. I like things to match so I picked up more of these to add to the decor in the attic and now on the garage shelves. Just make sure when you are putting the shelving together you space them far enough apart to fit your tubs.

    • I saw these and had to have them. How can you not love these SPRING BLOOMS. It’s too early for us in Maryland but leave it to Terrain to have these gorgeous blooms to add some color to your winter home.

    • You know what else I’m loving? This beautiful CASHMERE SCARF. It’s super soft and is 40% off. Yes please. The cream color goes with everything, well except Dempsey’s dog hair.

Lora from Lora Bloomquist Create and Ponder

Lora Bloomquist

    • After all the decorating for the holidays, it’s nice to have one easy decor change! I love THIS vintage book I found years ago. Each month it features beautiful, seasonal watercolor images of nature scenes. I simply prop open a page on a pretty easel to welcome in the new month. You can find vintage versions HERE, or newly published versions HERE. The only difference is the texture of paper used for publishing.

    • Cleaning is always on the agenda after the holidays, and my favorite tool is my Dyson stick vacuum. I will never go back to a cord vacuum again. Even my big boys love using it in their rooms and their cars! I bought mine directly from Dyson and opted to get the extra tools, too. Definitely worth it. Bonus-they’re on sale for the new year. Find the vacuum my family and I love HERE.

    • Yes, fasting is the new health craze and I have jumped on board whole-heartedly! I started learning from Dr. Fung and am now learning more about women’s fasting from Dr. Mindy. It’s amazing to learn how our bodies were created to function at their best. I’ve lost 25 lbs, many inches, and am heading to reverse my Type 2 diabetes; I feel great! Find my favorite health books and more HERE.

    • Winter decor is a thing where it lasts for months! We got 15″ this week in 2 days; we have SO MUCH SNOW on the ground this year! I bought this pretty, glittery wreath on Amazon while I was Christmas shopping (because we all do it;) and am amazed at how beautiful it is for the price! Love when decor can be enjoyed longer than the holidays. Find it HERE.

In Closing . . .

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Wishing each of you a happy, HEALTHY, and joyful 2023. 

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    1. Thank you so much Rachel. With all that we have going on in our lives, its easy to forget to take care of ourselves.

  1. Anna – Happy New Year! I have always loved a diffuser and essential oils, I have one in my office at work, sometimes I forget to keep them going, good reminder.
    Have a great week.

    1. For some reason my diffuser gets more use in the winter and I use it less in the summer. Wishing you a fabulous week Regina.

  2. You are one busy lady! I have no idea how you get it all done, but glad to hear you are going to prioritize your health! Thanks for sharing your amazing creativity with us! Looking forward to seeing your hand-picked favorites!

  3. You guys always have the best recommendations! I’m excited you like the nightly essential oils. It smells so good I have a hard time not using it during the day too 🙂 I’ve never used a yoga block before and I’m totally intrigued now – can’t wait to learn more about them. Feeling healthy inside and out is one of my biggest goals this year so I’ll definitely be cheering you on. Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – Yes feeling and being healthy this coming year is one of my biggest goals too. Thank you for stopping by and reading the post!

  4. I’m with you on improving in the self-care department! I used to do a 10-minute yoga stretch series every morning and I’ve gotten out of the habit. This needs to change! Thanks for the encouragement! Take Care, Anna 🙂

    1. Self care is an ongoing challenge for me and I suspect for you too. So far, I have been able to show up on my yoga mat. Good luck to both of us in the coming year!

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