Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing December

The purpose of the “Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing” post is to highlight some of the more popular posts shared during the previous month. We are unboxing all the DIYs, vintage items, antiques, furniture makeovers and crafts shared during the previous month. Basically, I am “unpacking” information shared within the last 30 or so days.

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This month’s post focuses on the Holiday season and offers crafts, tips, and ideas that you may enjoy. There are DIY ornaments, tips for setting an affordable (yet beautiful table) and tips for mixing vintage and new holiday decor.

I am also collaborating with three other amazing bloggers and we are sharing our handpicked favorite finds with you.

Sky Lark House Monthly Unboxing

SLH Monthly Unboxing December 2023

I will also be sharing some posts, information and events from around the web that you may be interested in.

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So, let’s get started!

DIY Painted Wooden Mushroom Ornaments

DIY Wooden Mushroom Ornament 4

These wooden mushroom ornaments were so fun to make! Its a great way to customize ornaments for your Christmas tree because you can paint them any color you choose. I made about 20 wooden ornaments during the course of a Sunday afternoon.

Mixing Vintage and New Items for Holiday Decor

Mixing Vintage and New Items for the Holiday

It goes without saying that I love antique and vintage holiday decor. Truly. I have boxes of it. Some would say I have too many boxes of vintage holiday decor. Having said that, I also love some of the newer holiday decor that comes out every year. In the post on mixing vintage and new items for holiday decor, I share some tips and ideas that I use to combine these two elements.

5 Tips For an Inexpensive Table Setting

Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Setting

During the holiday season, I love to entertain. However, I don’t always have the budget to buy 10 sets of china, glasses, napkins, flatware and more. So, in the post on 5 tips for inexpensive table setting, I am sharing some tricks and techniques that I use to stay in budget while still creating a beautiful table setting.

Although these tips focused on a Thanksgiving table setting, they can be used for any tablescape where you have a large number of people sitting down to a meal.

In related news

Have you seen the Christmas Tour of KariAnne’s home at Thistlewood? Oh my goodness, it is stunning.

Yvonne at Stone Gable has a great recipe for a Christmas Simmer Pot. It’s guaranteed to make your home smell like the holidays.

This video on how to create a Christmas Tree from a Tomato cage is definitely worth a watch.

I have been binging on the British show – Saving the Manor. I can’t get over the historical buildings, gardens and the decor. You can watch it on HGTV.

These almond flour thumb print cookies look delicious and are easy to make. Definitely going to try the recipe. This a great recipe if you have gluten sensitivity.

Finally, here are 5 tips to cope with holiday stress because yes, at the risk of stating the obvious, the holidays can be super stressful. Here is my personal tip – mail any packages to loved ones by December 9th. Doing so will, hopefully, prevent you from standing in a really long line at the post office.

Hand-Picked Faves

Hand Picked 4 You

I got together with some of my favorite bloggers and we are sharing our 4 favorite finds for the coming month.

Anna from Sky Lark House

These favorite finds are items that I have purchased, use and enjoy. With the holiday season in full swing, I am sharing some of my favorite gift ideas as well as some items I use every day.

  • These small European Bread Boards make a great gift for the “hard to shop for” person on our list. They are also a reasonable price at less than $60.
  • Having something to hold your tablet or cookbook when you are following a recipe is always nice. This marble stand is perfect and it looks beautiful. This is a kitchen essential if you do a lot of holiday baking.
  • I have this rug in my living room. It’s great to use as a base for layering and the neutral color goes with any decor.
  • Finally, this blush gives me a boost around the holiday season. It’s an easy to way to get spruced up even if you are tired.

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware has a fabulous blog where she shows you how to refurbish furniture and repurpose thrifted items.

Cindy of Reinvented Delaware
  • The long nights of winter are here! I love to burn candles, especially on long winter nights. Battery-powered taper candles are my fave. I have about 3 sets of six all around my house! Battery-powered pillar candles are great too. I have a set in my dining room and in my living room. They add the right amount of coziness to our home!
  • We have some of our Christmas decor out. A King of Christmas 4-piece collection set was so easy to set up. The whole set is arranged beautifully around the faux fireplace in our bedroom. Why not have a bit of holiday decor in every room in the house? We will be getting our Christmas tree down from the attic this weekend! And then we will head outside for some decorating. I am sure we will need some extra outdoor extension cords. Are there ever enough electric cords??
  • Does your skin dry out during the winter months? Mine does terribly! I’ve been using argon body butter has made such a difference. I’m sure my skin will feel much better this winter!
  • We had a ton of leftovers from Thanksgiving this year! Having Pyrex dishes on hand came in handy for all of those mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey. All I need to do is pull them out of the freezer and I have dinner. The Pyrex dishes will come in handy throughout the holiday season and would make great gifts too!

Regina from Saved From Salvage

Regina is also a fellow refurbisher of furniture. Her blog, Saved From Salvage , is full of inspiration and great craft ideas.

Regina Saved from Salvage

  • WOOD AND MARBLE CUTTING BOARD: We are back on track about starting our kitchen remodel. These are the colors we are doing and I’m loving this wood and marble cutting board.
  • LONG VEST: I have a teeny coat addiction and I’m loving this one. Such a comfy style for chilly days but not tight or bulky being a vest. Super versatile and perfect for the car.
  • WINTER GARLAND: Maybe it’s the chilly weather but I guess you can see a theme. I got one of these almost two years ago and it’s such a fun item to decorate with. I’ve used it on old windows, wreaths and the mantle.

Lora from Lora Bloomquist

If you love vintage and antique items, Lora Bloomquist has some inspiration for you. Her blog Lora Bloomquist Create and Ponder is full of ideas for repurposing and reusing these items.

Lora Bloomquist

  • Christmas is the season of lights and you can never have too many on these dark, cold winter nights. I love having a little flicker in every corner of my home because it makes the season special. This year I bought a box of cute little battery operated candles. There’s 24 in the box and they come with a variety of clips/attachments so you can put them anywhere! They also have a remote control and many options of effects. I can’t wait to tuck them here and there-in my glass front cupboards, in my hutch display, on wreaths. You can find them HERE.
  • I’ve kind of got a thing going for enamelware coffee and teapots;) In the winter I love to create a display of seasonal colored ones in my aqua porch cupboard. When I came across this red with white speckled one in a vintage shop, I knew it would make all the other ones pop with it’s vibrance. It is so cute! You can find similar vintage versions HERE.
  • At a recent estate sale I just happened upon, I picked up these 2 hand painted cabin in the snow pictures. They are so sweet and have become the inspiration for this year’s Christmas decor. I love decorating with items that are more “winter”, so it all doesn’t have to come down so soon after Christmas. You can find vintage and downloadable cabin art HERE.
  • This cute set of little reindeer are so lifelike! I picked up a set a couple years ago and decided I needed more this year;) They can be tucked here and there into any vignette and are so inexpensive. I definitely have a woodland deer theme going on this year and these cute little guys will feel right at home. Find the set of mini deer HERE.

In Closing . . .

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you can find some time to relax and enjoy the Holiday season.

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  1. You guys always share the best finds, Anna! Love the blush you suggested and the breadboards too. My Mom needs a few more at Loblolly and they would make a fabulous gift. Can’t wait to check out all your other links too. I could definitely use some new body butter. My skin gets so dry this time of year! Sending you lots of hugs, CoCo

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