Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing April

The purpose of the “Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing” post is to highlight some of the more popular posts shared during the previous month. We are unboxing all the DIYs, vintage items, antiques, furniture makeovers and crafts shared during the previous month. Basically, I am “unpacking” information shared within the last 30 or so days.

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I am also collaborating with some other amazing bloggers and we are sharing our handpicked favorite finds with you.

Finally, I will also be sharing some posts, information and events from around the web that you may be interested in. So, let’s get started!

Sky Lark House Unboxing April 2024
Sky Lark House Monthly Unboxing

The Upstate Update

You know you have found a good book when you start to read one and literally can’t put it down. The indication of a good writer, at least in my opinion, is someone who shares honest experiences that convey vulnerability, while keeping the descriptions succinct and then, as an added bonus, include a bit of humor. If you are looking for a good book to read meeting that description, then I highly recommend Mother Noise, by Cindy House. I literally read the entire book in one day. If you are a mom, then you will certainly appreciate this book. If you have gone through a divorce, you will undoubtedly recognize and have appreciation for her experiences. Most importantly, if you enjoy authors who are able to see the humor in the craziness of life, you will most definitely like this book.

Everyone I know in upstate New York is pretty much “willing spring into existence”. Our poor little daffodil buds emerging from the ground had at least 14 inches of snow covering them after last weekend. Today, when Mr. SLH and I were doing our 3 mile walk, we passed our neighbors, who were also outside walking, and they said they were “walking spring into existence”. Mr SLH and I nodded our heads in appreciation, fully understanding how they were feeling.

Speaking of “willing spring into existence”, here are some posts from the blog striving to do exactly that.

Eggshell Flower Vases

Eggshell Flower Vases

In this post, I show you how to take some very affordable “dyeable eggs” and turn them into flower vases. This was a fun and easy project to make. Nothing says “spring” like eggs in pastel colors filled with dainty flowers.

Front Door Basket for Spring using Dried Flowers

Door Basket Spring Dried Flowers

As part of the Handcrafted Society, I show you how to make a front door spring basket using dried flowers. Upstate New York might not have real flowers blooming outside, yet, but that won’t stop me from finding a way to have spring decor on my front door.

Easy & Affordable Spring Decor

Easy Affordable Spring Decor

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you know that I am not one to go out and buy all new decor every season. I prefer to use what I have on hand or make very small purchases that celebrate the season. Here are some easy and affordable options in this post on 5 ideas for spring decor.

Starting Seeds for Garden Flowers

Starting seeds for Garden Flowers

You can’t have spring without flowers. Perhaps I should rephrase that sentence? You can’t have spring without planning to have fresh flowers. Towards the end of March, I started some seeds that will hopefully turn into beautiful flowers this summer. In the post on starting seeds for garden flowers, I walk you through my very simple process for starting seeds. Spoiler alert- I don’t have a growing rack for my seedlings. If you are growing flowers from seed, what varieties you will be planting? What varieties do you have the best luck growing?

In related news

Here are some links and information I found for you from around the web.

I love this post offering 8 affordable office ideas that look expensive.

Have you seen this post on wheelbarrow container garden ideas? I am looking forward to planting anything and everything with flowers.

This video offers some great ideas on how to transform tin cans. Seriously. The transformations are amazing.

Here are 11 spring kitchen decorating ideas. Of course, idea #10 is my favorite.

This post has some stunning photographs of spring flowers in a garden flower house.

Have you see the art work of Hen Picked? She has the most charming and whimsical pieces of art. You can see her work on Instagram.

Rachel, from the Antiqued Journey makes the best smelling spring soy candles. Grab one while you can because she always sells out.

Maria, from Dreamy Whites, just returned from a shopping trip in Europe and has some beautiful new inventory. Each antique item is one of a kind.

This weekend, I am going to get a pedicure. So, this article on the best spring nail colors was inspiring.

Finally, here is a great article on 75 ideas for spring activities to do as the weather warms up.

Shopping with Friends

Shopping with Friends 2024

I got together with some of my favorite bloggers and we are sharing our recent favorite finds.

Anna from Sky Lark House

These are my favorite finds for the month.

  • Have you heard of FiFi O’Neill? She is a talented designer and writer who just published a new book entitled The Romantic Home. This book is so inspiring.
  • Now that the weather has been slowly getting warmer, Mr. SLH and I have been walking about 3 miles in the evening almost every day. These are my favorite shoes to wear. They are comfortable, supportive and cute.
  • I saw this marble dish at Target and had to buy it! It was only $30 and is perfect for the coffee table.
  • This is my favorite sweater to wear in the spring. It’s a fine gauge knit so that it’s not too hot but keeps you warm on chilly spring days. Since it was less than $25 and comes in an array of colors, I bought two.

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware

Cindy has a fabulous blog where she shows you how to refurbish furniture, repurpose thrifted items and gives you ideas for your home decor. Here are Cindy’s favorite finds.

Cindy of Reinvented Delaware

My mom and I were at our local Walmart recently and found the most comfy pj’s on the planet! I started wearing Joyspun jammies last year and I love this brand so much. All of the pieces I’m sharing are under $20! I’m still trying to choose which pajamas to purchase, but here are the ones currently in my cart!

Lora from Lora Bloomquist

If you love vintage and antique items, Lora Bloomquist has some inspiration for you. Her blog is full of ideas for repurposing and reusing these items. Here are Lora’s favorite finds.

Lora Bloomquist
  • The birds are building their nests outside my window and I can’t get enough of decorating with them inside! Whenever I spy a decorative bird figure, it usually needs to come home with me. Whether it’s when I’m thrifting or at the target dollar spot, I mix and match different varieties together and tuck them all over the house. HERE are some of my favorites, both old and new. (And follow me while you’re there, too;)
  • I’ve got a stack of thrifted plates in colors to match our bedroom wallpaper. I’m going to hang them in a creative display around the mirror. These easy hangers will make it so much easier than using old fashioned plate hangers.
  • Vintage umbrellas are a fun find and make a statement in your decor. Especially in the rainy Spring, it’s fun to open them up and prop them in a vignette. You can find vintage umbrellas HERE.
  • Pretty, old frames are always a happy find; they can be used in so many ways in decor. I love to have several varieties of THIS handy product on hand to refresh them. It comes in several different colorways and is so helpful for quick fixes.

Lynn from Living Large in a Small House

On her blog, Lynn shares all the things that make a house a home. She has DIYs, recipes, home decor ideas, gardening suggestions and more. Here are Lynn’s favorite finds.

Going on Vacation

We are heading to California at the end of this month to celebrate our son’s and new daughter-in-law’s wedding. It’s going to be a fun weekend meeting our new in-laws and toasting to the new couple.

I need some new clothes that are both comfortable and casual but fun for the festivities.

  • I found two dresses that are flowy and fun and can be dressed up or down. I can also wear them through the rest of the spring/summer. You can find them HERE and HERE.
  • New shoes are also in order. I need something a little dressy and these wedges will be perfect. I also need some great walking shoes and I love Keds gym shoes.
  • Have you heard of Quince? I love this shopping spot. They have everything from clothing to vintage-inspired rugs. It’s high-quality, high-end items at affordable prices, and it’s all sustainably sourced and made. I love this leather tote that will be perfect for travel. I have a pair of lounge pants from Quince that I live in!
  • Most of my jewelry was either lost or stolen when we were traveling for Annie’s wedding so I’m treating myself to a new bracelet and earrings.

Diane from South House Designs

Diane shares information about entertaining, recipes, outdoor living and DIYs. She is known for her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Here are Diane’s favorite finds.

This week’s shopping list is all over the place, kind of like how my week has been.

    • Recently I shared the most amazing terra cotta pots. From the same amazing store, JSH Home Essentials, comes this adorable wrapping paper. I’m obsessed! It comes in a pack of four sheets. I’m going to turn one sheet into some mounted artwork.

    • Sun tea season is here — hallelujah! And I finally found a great pitcher to replace the one that broke last year (after 30+ years). Two signifiant, but simple asks: 1) a lid to secure the tea bags (no more rubber bands and saran wrap) 2) a wide mouth for easy, thorough cleaning + dishwasher safe. Oh, and I want glass, a sturdy handle, and stylish. I love this one, PLUS it comes in three styles to choose from. And super reasonable price.

    • These bookshelves are at the top of my list for our book-loving granddaughter due in August. In this family, she has no choice but to be a book-lover! These are a bit better priced than you’ll find in standard retail shops. And they are handmade with great attention to detail by a small US business on Etsy. And also from Etsy, this amazing set of six stacking, flexible dinosaurs! What kid wouldn’t flip over these?

    • Have you heard of Nathan James, yet? They have a West Elm aesthetic with IKEA price tags! I wish I was in the market for outdoor furniture. I’d be all over this set. And these coffee tables and two of these nightstands, please! And more and more.

In Closing . . .

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! May the longer days and warmer weather treat you and your garden well.  

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  1. I seriously need new walking shoes! Those you shared look so comfy. Yay for you two walking 3 miles together. I was an avid walker and somehow fell out of the routine. I need to get back to it! Great shopping with you my friend😊

    1. Hi Cindy! Yes, as I have gotten older, I have made good walking shoes a priority. This brand has served me well for the last 2 years. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Just popped that book in my cart! One of the shop owners that I know has her home pictured in it. Think Fifi’s been at her home several times; so cool! Looks like a beautiful book. Hope you’re having a great time!

  3. One of my favorite posts of the month, Anna. You guys always share things I’ve never heard of so it’s fun to discover new treasures and visit your tried and true recommendations. I love Jayne Margaret photography site you shared. She is so talented I feel like I could walk into her photos and I can’t wait to read your book recommendation too. It sounds fabulous! I also have the sweaters you shared. They’re perfect for when the season changes and to wear if you’re someone that gets cold easily. Off to check out your sneakers. I need some new ones too! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Hi CoCo – Thanks for stopping by. The sweaters are great. Sometimes, I wear a tank underneath if it’s a really chilly day. Yes, I love Jane’s or Jayne’s photography too!

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