Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing June

The purpose of the “Sky Lark House: Monthly Unboxing” post is to highlight some of the more popular posts shared during the previous month. We are unboxing all the DIYs, vintage items, antiques, furniture makeovers and crafts shared during the previous month. Basically, I am “unpacking” information shared within the last 30 or so days.

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I will also be sharing some posts, information and events from around the web that you may be interested in.

Finally, I am collaborating with some other amazing bloggers and we are sharing our handpicked favorite finds with you.

So, let’s get started!

Sky Lark House Monthly Unboxing

The Upstate Update

Whew! May was packed with activities! There were birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations and more. While the celebrations were enjoyable, I am happy to see the arrival of June. At some point in the month of May, it did feel as though Mr. SLH and I were sprinting from one event to the next. We are happy to let the lazy days of summer begin.

Seedling update. Well, I haven’t (yet) killed my Floret Seedlings. You may recall, I ordered the seed packets in March and planted them in early April. This past weekend, I planted the Dawn Creek Zinnias, Celosias and Dahlias in the garden. Fingers crossed these little babies will survive and won’t be chomped to pieces by deer, rabbits, or ground hogs. If you have any advice for me, I would love to hear it.

Speaking of flowers, there is definitely an unintended theme to last month’s posts. Without further delay, here is a round up of the posts from last month.

Easy To Make Yarn Flowers

Easy to Make Yarn Flowers

The month started off with a post on making these easy and fun yarn flowers. These little flowers are perfect for adorning gifts. You can also attach them to napkin rings, hair clips, or straw bags.

How to Make Your Own Pressed Fern Fronds

How to make pressed fern fronds

Every year, we have some wild ferns growing in the woods behind our home. I wanted to preserve them but they were too large to fit into a standard flower press. So, after some trial and error, I devised a way to make your own pressed fern fronds.

Best Spring Flowers from Trader Joe’s

Best Spring Flowers from Trader Joe's

My favorite part about the warmer weather and arrival of spring is the abundance of flowers. Unfortunately, in New York, the flowers don’t bloom until late May or early June. So until then, I rely on buying my favorite spring flowers from Trader Joes. These flowers are all reasonably priced.

5 Vintage Items for Summer Decor

Vintage Items for Summer Decor

Finally, with summer around the corner, I shared 5 vintage items to use for summer decor. These items are affordable and fairly easy to find.

In related news

Here are some links and information I found for you from around the web.

This is a lovely post on how to extend the life of fresh peonies once you gather them from the garden.

Have you listened to Kacey Musgraves new album? Here is a link to her title song: Deeper Well.

This is a beautiful home in Berkshire, England. It just says “summer”.

I am so tempted to sign up for this course on how to make these amazing paper flowers.

These handmade hats are so beautiful! Wouldn’t it be fun to wear one of these to a special occasion?

This 4th of July Christmas Tree is over-the-top in the best way.

I am inspired to make this easy Gluten Free Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake. It’s perfect for those hot summer days and only requires 5 ingredients.

Finally, this artist makes CLOTHING out of flowers, ferns, moss and bark. Her work is stunning.

Shopping with Friends

Shopping with Friends 2024

I got together with some of my favorite bloggers and we are sharing our recent favorite finds.

Anna from Sky Lark House

These are my favorite finds for the month.

  • I have very short legs and as a result I prefer lighter colored sandals – think tan or pink. These flip flops are affordable, a great color and offer extra support. (Because that’s what you need when you are over the age of 50)
  • I gave these humming bird feeders to my MIL. They are a great price, easy to clean and you get a pack of two. An added bonus- if a bear climbs on your back porch and runs away with your humming bird feeder – no need to fret over the loss of something super valuable.
  • This Igloo cooler on wheels is adorable. It’s also super affordable.
  • Have you heard of Apple Air Tags? They are little gps chips you can attach to items you don’t want to lose. If you have an Iphone, you can see where the air tag is located. We have them on our dogs. You could use them for your keys, backpacks, purse, wallet, pets and more. It could be a great Father’s Day gift too.
  • If you decide to buy an Air Tag, then you might appreciate this pack of two Air Tag cases for less than $7.00

Cindy from Reinvented Delaware

Cindy has a fabulous blog where she shows you how to refurbish furniture, repurpose thrifted items and gives you ideas for your home decor. Here are Cindy’s favorite finds.

Cindy of Reinvented Delaware

Lora from Lora Bloomquist

If you love vintage and antique items, Lora Bloomquist has some inspiration for you. Her blog is full of ideas for repurposing and reusing these items. Here are Lora’s favorite finds.

Lora Bloomquist
  • I’m still fluffing up our porch and outdoor spaces for the summer. Last year I realized our outdoor pillows were pretty sad. So this year I went ahead and bought some bright, happy pillow covers. Boy, do they give everything a happy punch! I chose a variety of different colored plaids with some square and some rectangle. They’re a great way to give a fresh boost to your outdoor spaces. You can find them HERE. (fyi-they come in a 2 pack;)
  • Our adult kiddos are loving THIS new-to-us game. The illustrations are beautiful; each card is a different bird. I haven’t tried it yet, but they’re assuring me I will like it. Great gift idea for Dad and a fun way to spend those cabin evenings. If you’ve played it, did you know there are expansion packs now, too?
  • Fake grass-yes, it’s artificial turf in a roll. I used it for an artistic project and am now thinking of all the decorative ways it can be used! Whether you simply cut a square or rectangle of it and use it as a runner, or install it in a frame like we will be doing for our summer wedding, it’s a great bang for the buck as summer decor! You can find a roll of it HERE. (simply cut it on the back with a utility knife to desired size)
  • Our patio chairs also needed a little sprucing up. First I scrubbed them up and then put fresh new outdoor fabric on the seats. It’s such an easy job if you have a reliable electric stapler. I’ve used some flaky ones in the past, but I was so impressed with how well THIS staple gun worked. Such a handy tool to have around.

Lynn from Living Large in a Small House

On her blog, Lynn shares all the things that make a house a home. She has DIYs, recipes, home decor ideas, gardening suggestions and more. Here are Lynn’s favorite finds.

I’m Taking a Road Trip

I’m heading on a road trip for a girl’s retreat. One of the things I need to do is organize my car.

You might want to do the same for upcoming summer trips or just trips to the beach.

  • The first thing I want to do is to have solutions to organize all the things I need in my car. The first thing is this truck organizer. I also need something to corral garbage. Lastly, I want something to hang my purse behind my seat.
  • I also want to make sure that I have the things that I need for an emergency. I’ve got first-aid kit, a real map, and jumper cables.
  • A good umbrella is also something that is great to have handy in your car.
  • Lastly, I’ve tried a lot of cell phone holders and this one has really good ratings.

South House Designs

Diane from South House Designs has a wide array of DIYs and project for your home. She also shares information about entertaining, recipes, and outdoor living. She is known for her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Here are Diane’s favorite finds.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. So I’m focused on celebrating The Hubs — the very best Dad I know!!

    • Of course something personal is best, and what can be more personal than a special shirt that celebrates the man and his dog. These Hawiaan Shirts custom printed with our dog’s face peeking out behind the flowers is simply beyond. And he LOVES the reaction he gets when he wears it, particularly when our Grittles wears his bandana with the Hubs face peeking out from the flowers. You may have to pay a bit extra to get it in time for Father’s Day, but it is so worth it. This company is amazing. Follow the above link, and you’ll also receive a 10% discount with my code.

    • Does your fella enjoy grilling? But he’d really love to take the grill to the fun, AND be able to grill just about anything, eggs, pancakes, stir fry, etc? He can with this Blackstone Griddle! This is the best one — good size but still portable. Trust me, you want one with a hood!

    • And how’s his music for being everywhere he is. Sonos is my favorite for growing an all around sound system. Speakers for every situation that all work together — and with amazing sound quality. And Summer requires portable ones.

    • Does Dad enjoy a bit of mixology? Then he’ll love some special ice cube trays to elevate his cocktails to the victory podium! There’s of course the standard cube and sphere, but how about this faceted one, and this one and this prism cube!

In Closing . . .

Here’s to a long, warm, and relaxing month of June. Whatever activities you pursue this month, I wish you success. Thanks for taking the time to stop by this corner of the internet.

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  1. Hi Anna – I’m a Trader Joe’s Flower lover too!

    I almost always find exactly what I need and the prices can’t be beat.
    I’ve had my eye on those Apple Tags for a bit. I’m always looking for something!!

    Have a great weekend and it was great shopping with you.

    1. Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by. The Apple Air Tags are super helpful. You can also put them in your luggage.

  2. Such a fabulous month of posts and finds, Anna. I can’t get over that 4th of July tree. That is totally bananas and I love it! Can’t wait to hear how your flowers make this year and to check out the rest of your recommendations and the flip flops. I’m due for a new pair! Currently jamming to Kacey…Big hugs, CoCo

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