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Most of you know by now, that when I work on upholstering a piece of furniture, I prefer to use antique or vintage textiles.  In general, I find that older textiles are better quality and they have a look that can’t be replicated. The weaves are usually tighter and the weight of the fabric is heavier.  This fabric holds up well when used for upholstery.

Some examples of antique and vintage fabric that I use for upholstery include the following:

-French Ticking

– American Ticking

– Grainsacks

– Feedsacks

– Canvas bags – especially postal bags

-Hemp fabric – often homespun

Here are some examples of these various textiles as well as how they were used in projects.


Settee reupholstered in vintage French Mattress Ticking


Vintage American Ticking used for Footstool Reupholstery



Stools Recovered with Antique Grainsack and Ticking


Vintage Feedsack used to Upholster the Back of a Chair


Vintage US Mail Canvas Bag turned into a Pillow


Antique Homespun Hemp Fabric with French Mattress Ticking Patches


The purpose of this post is to give you a list of some online sources that sell these fabrics.  Please note that many of these stores are located outside the United States.  So, shipping may take longer and cost more.

First of off – The Textile Trunk is a  place I regularly go to to obtain antique and vintage fabrics for upholstery.  Particularly if I want some from France.

Linen and Textiles is another excellent store that provides vintage and antique linens from Europe.

Brauer Antique is another store that offers vintage and antique textiles and they also offer yardage of antique hemp. It’s nubby texture and durability makes it perfect for upholstery projects.

The Old Fabric Chest is another store that offers a wide selection of antique and vintage homespun fabric.

The store Grainsack, which is located in Austria, has a wide selection of European grainsacks in a wide variety of colors.

My hope is you find inspiration as you look at these shops and perhaps it gives you that boost to tackle your next upholstery project. Thank you for stopping by the blog today.

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