Thoughts on Thanksgiving



Now that daylight savings time has ended and we have “fallen” backwards, I feel like we are officially into the end of fall and the beginning of winter.  While some people have started setting out -dare I say it?- Christmas decor, I am still hanging on to fall.  In my world, Christmas doesn’t begin until after Thanksgiving.  It feels a bit as though Thanksgiving is being increasingly marginalized by the commercialism of Christmas.

Although I love Christmas and all the festivities it includes, I am equally fond of Thanksgiving.  It is so wonderful to have a holiday dedicated to gratitude!

Sometimes, we don’t even know how fortunate we are until we take the time to pause and reflect.  There are simple things we can take for granted like our good health, having three meals per day or even having our best furry friend sleeping at our feet.

So, you won’t be seeing any Christmas decor prior to Thanksgiving.  You will be seeing plenty of photos with warm woods, candles, pumpkins and foliage.  At least for a few more weeks!



Isn’t that the cutest baby shoe form?  I love it.


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