Vintage Style Crow Ornaments for Fall


This post shows you how to create vintage style crow ornaments for the fall using simple supplies and two steps.

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Back story

While I love fall and the bounty that comes with it, I am not someone who decorates specifically for all the fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. My fall decor is meant to cover all the holidays between September 22nd and November 30th. It’s just easier for me to decorate once for the season and then put everything away at the end of November.

I recently had an idea for an easy way to create some vintage style crow ornaments that would be suitable for Halloween and could still be used for the rest of the season.

So without further delay, let’s learn how to make these ornaments.

Vintage Style Crow Ornament

Vintage Style Crow Ornaments

These little ornaments were so fun to make and were assembled in a matter of minutes.


First we need to gather our supplies.

  • I purchased THESE little miniature brass frames online.
  • I downloaded and resized some vintage crow images to fit into the frames. If you subscribe to my blog, you can download these images for free. The link to subscribe is below.
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional, since the the frames come with mini chains)

Assemble Ornaments

The instructions are simple. Download the images, print them out in color, cut out the images with scissors and insert them into the frames.

The Graphics Fairy has a variety of Halloween and fall images you can download for free. Just be forewarned that they may not be the size you need for the brass frames.

Note, that there are 2 images for each ornament. Since the brass frames have glass on both sides and an image is placed on each side of the glass.

If you prefer, you can tie some ribbon on the frames to hang them. These frames do come with little chains to hang them. I just preferred using ribbon since it looks prettier.

Supplies vintage crow images and frames

Below are some photos of the framed crows.

You can create ornaments that are either horizontal or vertical. For those that were vertical, I tied the ribbon to the clasp on the frame. Although you can buy these frames in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.

Vertical crow ornament

I always see flocks of crows in trees this time of year. So it seemed fitting to have some of these ornaments hanging from tree branches. I went into my yard and foraged some branches. Of course, you can buy artificial branches but I like the “free” branches from mother nature.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found some inspiration for your fall decor.

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    1. Thanks so much Rachel! Bonus – they don’t take up much space and are easy to pack away.

  1. Oh, I love these! The black crows are striking against the gold frames. You just might have inspired me to decorate for fal!

  2. These are super cute Anna! I love the frames you selected and the ribbon is a great finishing touch. I love using ravens and black crows so I love the inspo. Pinning. XO- MaryJo

  3. I just hung crows for our spooky trees too, Anna! I wish I had seen these before I ordered the other ones though because they are so cute! This is the first year we’ve decorated more than the breakfast area for Halloween and I have to say it’s so much more festive than I would have imagined. I’m kinda into spooky season now and I love this unique take on Halloween decor. Hugs, Coco

    1. Hi CoCo – Thanks for stopping by. I love using Crows and Ravens for fall decor and for Halloween. Have fun with your decorations.

  4. These vintage crow ornaments are the perfect blend of rustic charm and autumnal vibes! I can already envision them perched amidst pumpkins and leaves, creating a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere. Absolutely love how they bring the spirit of fall to life!

  5. Anna, I adore these!!!! The small frames are so cute, and I love anything with a crow on it. What a great job you did with these. You have inspired me to create a few of these. Thank you!

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