Make your own advent calendar! Customize it to your style and family's needs.

You will need the following supplies: - White lunch bags -Die cut paper stars - Hole punch - Metallic craft paints   -Copper   - Gold - 1/4" Velvet ribbon - White twine -Metallic gold twine - Paint brush -Scissors - Pillow boxes - 3" gift boxes - Chunky yarn

Some of the supplies

Fill the paper bags with your gifts.  Fold down the top of the bag and use the hole punch to make a hole.  Put some velvet ribbon through the hole.

Use metallic gold paint to paint the paper die cut stars. Once dry, tie a star to the bag using metallic twine.

Using metallic copper paint, paint a 1 foot by 1 foot section of kraft paper. Cut the paper into 1/4 inch strips.

After filling the 3" boxes with gifts, wrap the copper paper strip around the box.  Secure with tape.

 Fill your pillow boxes with small gifts and then wrap them with white twine.

Pillow Box

Light Yellow Arrow

Use some chunky yarn or rope to attach all the advent gifts.  Use metallic twine to  tie on the gifts

For added fun, tie on ornaments and figurines.

Ideas for Advent gifts

- lip balm - gift cards -ornaments - fun pens - small toys - small lotions - hair accessories - stickers - nail polish - small legos - earrings - bracelets - movie theater tickets

Green Bulb