Learn how to make your own outdoor Christmas urns

Step 1 - Find some empty urns, planters or window boxes.

Gather your supplies.  You can use any type of larger planter.


 1. Several bunches of fresh evergreens.  2.At least one bunch of CEDAR evergreens 3. Gardening snips 4. Floral foam 5. Velvet ribbon 6. Artificial evergreens

Optional Supplies

 1. Red berries 2. Pinecones 3. Birch branches 4. Outdoor Christmas ornaments 5. Curly willow 6. Fairy lights

Step 2 - Soak the fresh evergreens in water overnight.  I submerged the greens in a bathtub.

Step 3 - Place floral foam into the bottom of each urn and then add the Cedar branches. Poke the branches into the floral foam.

Continue adding greenery in layers. Keep adjusting the branches as you put them into the floral foam.

Add the artificial evergreen branches last. You can buy artificial branches at any craft store. Reuse them each year.

Add Optional embellishments

Add red berries, weather proof ornaments, birch branches, curly willow or fairy lights


Step 4 - Tie a velvet ribbon around the urn.