In the workshop- Victorian Washstand “After”


This was such a fun project.  After working so long and hard on the antique crib, this project felt so easy.  It was such a joy to give this piece a facelift.

As you may recall, I did not sand this piece because it would have resulted in bleed through.  Bleed through occurs when the pink and red tones in the wood seep through your paint.

Working with red toned woods is always such a challenge.  Typically, I just avoid them.

Anyway, because this little piece had a clear coat over the wood, I could use milk paint and not have it bleed through.  Hooray!  It just meant I could not sand the piece.  The clear coat had to remain intact.

The other challenge with dark colored woods and red toned woods is that multiple coats of paint are required.  This little wash stand required three coats of paint.  She turned out pretty well!

The white marble top seems to fit much better now with the piece. It is more cohesive.

The interior of this little piece has a shelf, which is perfect for storage.

Here is one last photo showing the whole assembly.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  I always appreciate that you are interested in what is going on in this corner of the internet.


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