The Enamel Top Table


Fair warning – if you are not interested in learning about enamel top tables, then this post is not for you.  You should probably move on to a different website.

If however, you find these old tables charming and practical, you are in the right place!  Carry on reading!



Why on earth would anyone want one of these tables?  Well, aside from the obvious that they are cute, they are also very functional.  The relatively small size means they can fit in a wide variety of places and the hard enamel top means they are durable.

Here are some modern day uses for these tables:

1. As a small work table in your kitchen. I find them to be useful when working on large cooking projects like canning or making cookies.

2. As a craft table for your kids.  The durable top can be wiped down easily no matter how many Crayola marks or how much glue gets on the surface.

3. As an outdoor table you can use to hold beverages and appetizers.  Again, the enamel surface is perfect for outdoor summer meals.

4. In a bathroom where on the top you can coral your lotions, candles, towels, and even jewelry.

5. In the garden.  This is a great table for putting together flower arrangements or planting seeds.

6.  As a table in an entryway.  This a perfect size table for holding a small light, a bowl for your keys and a few books.

7. In the laundry room.  The top is perfect for holding detergents, bleach, fabric softner and more.  These tables also make a great surface for folding laundry.



This table shown above, was one that I found at a local antique fair.  It even has the original label on the bottom!  It says “WP Curtiss & Son. Manufacturers of Kitchen and Office Tables. New York”. The label also indicates the table was for “Joyce Stores in Unadilla, NY. “.  Incidentally, Unadilla is between Schenectady and Binghamton, New York.  It’s a very small town. I believe this particular table for Ms. Stores was made between 1920-1930s.



As you can see, it has the original paint and the original legs.  The drawer still works.

I like to think that this trusty table was well used for many years.  I am sure that many jars of strawberry jam were prepared on this table.  No doubt there were a fair number of pie crusts that were rolled out on the top of this table. Perhaps peach pie?  Definitely apple pie.

In the event you don’t know, for many years, Upstate New York has been known for its apple orchards.



I don’t plan on painting this table.  This one just got a good scrubbing and now I plan to take her to the shop.

If you see any of these tables when you are out and about, I encourage you to buy them! They are practical and timeless.  Plus, if you have one, it’s a great excuse to make some pie.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and checking out this corner of the internet.  If you find an enamel top table, please share your find with me.  You can send me an email or you can send me a message on facebook or Instagram.

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