The English Cupboard


First off, let me share with you that living in an apartment with 17 stairs just to reach the front door poses some serious limitations for me.  Moving any large or heavy furniture up these stairs is a formidable task that requires substantial amounts of caffeine and willpower.

I am here to say, I simply did not have the willpower to move this cupboard up the stairs.  I couldn’t do it.  So, I had to photograph it in the garage.  <sigh>  Garages are not pretty places.  They do not have “good” lighting. They are not inspiring.

Work with what you’ve got, right?

In these photos, you will see an antique English Pine Cupboard that I fell in love with at first sight.  She is definitely at least 100 years old.  Her front door panels and side panels are constructed from a single board of wood.  She is sturdy and – yes- heavy.



I am such a fan of scrubbed pine or raw wood that is sealed with a wax.  I love the patina and the warmth of the wood.



If there was one downside to this grand lady – it is that she was covered in too much wax!  Yes. It is true.  Too much wax is a real issue.  So, I spent the better part of a week de-waxing her. (Is that even a thing? de-waxing?)



She cleaned up nicely!  The wood is full of character and history.  Can you imagine the stories this piece of furniture could tell?  It was made in England and it had to be shipped over here – over the ocean- to arrive here in New York.  She was around before I was born.



This is the part of the blog post where I normally tell you that I am taking the piece of furniture to Stone Soup.  However, I have decided this lady has found a new home with me. Still she was too special not to share.  Even if the photo shoot took place in a garage.

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