All Things Vintage #2-“A patch always works .” Emily Cleverly


As you may know, Cindy from from Reinvented Delaware and I have started having some IG Live conversations. Our latest 15 minute IG Live video was with Emily from Penny and Ivy, I am sharing it with you here.  We are still fumbling our way through the new Instagram feature with rooms – where you can have a total of 4 people on IG Live at one time. Given my skills in the area of technology (which are right up there with my now deceased 90 + year old grandmother’s) – I think it went pretty well.

Besides, you can’t get better over time if you don’t start.  We all have to start somewhere.

Anyway, Emily was polished, gracious, and  shared some great information about her creative process.  I could relate to what she said.  My favorite moment in the video is when I was talking about the sense of trepidation I feel at having to cut up antique fabrics for upholstery.  I always worry that I will make an expensive mistake by cutting into these fabrics. Emily perked up right away and said “A patch always works”.

Some how I think there’s a metaphor in there that we can apply to our lives.

Thank you Emily for taking the time to chat with Cindy and me.  We really enjoyed our conversation with you.

Without further ado, here is the video for you to watch.


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