All Things Vintage #2 with Emily from Penny & Ivy

Our last IG Live session was so popular that Cindy from Reinvented Delaware  (@reinventeddelaware on Instagram) and I decided to host a few more.  Emily from Penny and Ivy (@pennyandivy on Instagram) is willing to join us for this crazy and unscripted challenge of a 15 minute IG live session. Hooray Emily!  You are a brave soul!  We adore you.

In the event you don’t know, Emily sews amazing items and reupholsters furniture using antique and vintage fabrics.

Anyway, if you have some free time and would like to learn more about the intersection of creativity, business and vintage items then feel free to stop by Instagram for our 15 minute IG Live Session this Saturday at 4 pm Eastern Time.

The goal of this session is to learn more about Emily and her business.  We are going to discuss some of challenges faced when working on projects and running your own business.

We hope this IG Live session will inspire you and entertain you.

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