Collecting French Torchon Tea Towels


Just to be clear and down to earth – a torchon is simply a French towel.  A kitchen towel to be specific. Sometimes referred to as a tea towel. Recently, I was lucky enough to receive a shipment of French torchon towels from – well- France.  Most of them are linen, although a couple were cotton. These towels tend of be fairly generous in size and length.  Generally, much larger than your standard American kitchen towel.

They all had this beautiful red stripe on one side and most of them have this very functional little tab at the top of the towel.  It allows you to hang the towel on a hook.  Genuis!  All towels should have this feature. Then you can use the full length of the towel to dry your hands.



So, I will tell you a secret.  If you ever want to remove stains or marks from old fabrics, I have found that boiling the fabric in a giant pot on your stove with a scoop of powder oxyclean does magic.  Seriously.  It works well for grain sacks too.  Of course, there is a size limit of the farbric to be boiled since it has to fit in a large pot on your stove.  I usually let it simmer for about 30 to 40 minutes and then I just let the fabric sit in the pot with oxyclean overnight.  Works like a charm.



Here they are ready to be of service again!  Expect, they haven’t been ironed.  They probably won’t get ironed.  Ironing is not my strong point.


Thanks for the stopping by the blog today!  It always means so much that you take the time to read what we post here in this corner of the internet.

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