Collecting Vintage Flags

Photo: Sky Lark House



There is something about vintage flags that I find so appealing.  Perhaps it is the soft fabric that gently flaps in the wind?  Maybe it is the hand embroidered stars? Maybe it’s the joy of finding a 48 star flag when I least expect it.



Photo: Sky Lark House


This time of year, flags are particularly fun to display.  Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about collecting old flags.  You can read it HERE. With 4th of July just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some great flags I found on Etsy. In the interest of transparency, this post does contain some affiliate links.

This 48 star flag had me at “hello”.  It is sold by Cindis Vintage Fun and is 3’x5′.




Photo: Sky Lark House

Photo: Cindis Fun Vintage


Then I came across this collection of hand held flags sold by Vintage Wall.


Photo: Vintage Wall


Then there is this 76 Bennington Flag sold by Cotton California. 

Photo: Cotton California

Then I came across this vintage flag holder for an automobile. It is sold by Antique Me Up.  Do you find it charming too?


Photo: Antique Me Up


If you have time, check out these and other sites on Etsy.  There is always such amazing inventory.

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