Fresh Finds: January 2021 Part 3


This is the final post  in a three part installment sharing the inventory finds during the month of January.



With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I was inspired to find inventory that nodded to the occasion.

Of course, vintage Valentine’s are some of my favorite things to collect.  I recently got in a new shipment of “New Old Stock” (NOS) Valentines.  This means they are old Valentine’s that were never used.  Which in turn means, you can buy them now and give them to people for Valentine’s Day!  I wasn’t able to photograph the recent batch of cards that I got in, but these are very similar in style and age. If you want tiny clothes pins to hang up your vintage Valentine’s you can get them here for about $5. They are a handy way to display your Valentine’s without damaging them.




I also came across this cute little strawberry tin.  It seemed to fit the Valentine’s Day theme so I decided to take it home.  This tin is particularly unique because it has the same image that’s on the outside of the lid also printed on the INSIDE of the tine.

Of course, I also stumbled upon some ironstone. These little butterpats are stamped on the back.  Every single butterpat is stamped. These are tied in groups of 6.




I also came across this little ironstone pitcher which is also stamped!  Small pitchers seldom have a mark on them.  This little pitcher is proudly wearing the wheat pattern.




Finally, you can also see the stack of little restaurant ware bowls.  They are marked “Buffalo” and there is a set of 8.  These little bowls are so useful and I have them in my own kitchen.  I am constantly using them for sauces, chopped up herbs, berries, and olives.  They are also a great addition to any charcuterie board.

These items have all been added to my booth at Stone Soup Antiques.   I hope they provide you with some inspiration for the up and coming holiday.

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