Fresh Finds -December 2020

This month, larger pieces tumbled into my possession. Sometimes, that’s just how things go in this business. For whatever reason, I will inevitably find 4 giant cupboards in the same week.  Then I won’t find any for months.  I need a picture of the emoji woman shrugging with her hands in the air.

I did not find any cupboards for the month of December but I did find a large display shelf unit.  It’s chippy and white and aged – and I fell in love with it immediately.  Look at the base of this unit.  Isn’t that amazing? The top also has a beautiful patina.

The unit is about 5 feet long and its solid wood – so it was a bit heavy.  I had fun trying to lift it onto the tin top table by myself. (Occupational hazard)



I also came across this adorable child’s bench in mint green. I took a number of photos of this charming piece.





In the same theme, I came across this antique child’s chair.


It has the best textured seat and wooden frame.





I also found this amazing old blue tool box in its original paint.  It has built in wooden compartments.  I love the metal trim on the edges and the fact that the handle is a metal pipe.  This box would be perfect for art supplies or for storing craft projects.

It could also be used in the kitchen to store towels and utensils.





As you can see when looking at the shelf unit, I also found some other “smalls”.  Mostly items that are Christmas related.  I will share more about those items soon.

In the meantime, I have to figure out how to get this shelf unit off the top of the table . . .

Wish me luck.

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