Collecting Vintage Valentines



It’s that time of year, when we see pink and red hearts in abundance.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

I still remember the time, about twenty years ago, when I saw my first vintage valentine.  It was in this little shop in California.  The woman created this magnificent display of vintage valentines in her shop window.  She hung the vintage valentines clothesline style so they were swags across her front display window. Her shop window stopped me in my tracks, and I must have lingered there for at least 5 minutes admiring all the different cards.

Ever since then, I have been smitten with vintage valentines, particularly those from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.    For those of you who are new to collecting, dealers often look for the term “New Old Stock” or “NOS” as it is abbreviated.  NOS refers to items that were produced from long ago but were never used.  It is particularly relevant for paper items – such as vintage valentines.  NOS  is also frequently found for unopened inventory from old stores like hardware stores.

Anyway, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon some NOS vintage valentines which I am guessing were produced in the 1950s.  My guess is based on the graphics, colors and images used in the cards.



I used these “new” cards to make a display in the booth at Stone Soup Antiques Gallery.




I am also going to be listing these in the online store.  So, if you are interested in vintage valentines but don’t live close to Ballston Spa, keep an eye out for the new listing in the online shop.

Here are some more photos of these “new” old valentines.  I love giving these cards to those people who are closest to me because they are so unique.  It’s pretty darn impossible to run to a local store to pick up a NOS valentine.






Aren’t they adorable?

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  Hopefully, you found these vintage valentines as inspiring and as charming as I do.

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