How to Make a Vine Wreath for Spring


Make your own easy vine wreath for spring. All you need are some vines from the garden for the wreath form and some birch bark to make hearts. Getting ready for spring is one of my favorite activities and making my own wreath is one of the easiest things to do.

The Handcrafted Society

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The projects done by the Handcrafted Society are enjoyable and inspiring as we see the varied perspectives and interpretations of the theme by each participant. Towards the conclusion of this post, you’ll find images and links to the projects for each blogger. I hope you enjoy browsing through all the ideas these ladies have created. Simply click on the image or blog name to view their full post.

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Handcrafted Society

Today, I am collaborating with some other bloggers to share with you some ideas on how to decorate for spring using wood products. Today, I am sharing how to make your own wreath form using vines and how to embellish it with birch tree bark.

Spring in the Northeast

If you live in the southern or in the western areas of the United States, you probably already see signs of spring. Oh gosh, this time of year, I envy those of you who live in warmer climates. Here in the northeast, it won’t really begin to look like spring until mid April. Really. I am pretty sure our long winters are the reason why we have so many “snow birds”.

Working on a spring post for the month of February is a treat. It reminds me that warmer days are on the way. For a short while, I can pretend that spring is here and create a project that reflects a warmer season.

Make A Vine Wreath for Spring

We often have snow on the ground until the end of March and don’t see leaves on tree until May. Having said that, there is a benefit to having vegetation lie dormant for so many months. One of the benefits is that you can easily see and trim any vines growing in your garden or yard.

Bittersweet Vines

To make this project you will need to cut some of these vines and use them to make a wreath form. We have an abundance of Oriental Bittersweet which is a vine that is considered to be an invasive plant. I had more than enough vines to use for this project! I will show you how to turn cuttings from a vine into a wreath form.

The first thing we need to do is gather our supplies.


Most of these supplies are readily available either in your backyard, at a local craft store such as Michaels/Hobby Lobby or online. Where possible, I have linked online resources.

Make the Vine Wreath Form

Make sure your vines are at least 2 feet in length. They have to be long enough to wrap around the flower pot. Turn the flower pot upside down so that the widest opening is on the table. This pot will be the foundation for creating your vine wreath form.

Taking a strand of vine, wrap it around the base of the pot. You might need to tie the ends of the vine together with some floral wire. Take another piece of vine and weave it around the first vine strand. Repeat this process, ensure the vine strands are interwoven with one another. Keep adding vines to the form until it meets your satisfaction.

Completed Vine Wreath Form

Just a quick note, if you want a large wreath, simply use a larger diameter flower pot for your wreath form.

Make the Birch Bark Hearts

I found that it was easiest to make these hearts in batches of 12 or more. Using your 3×5 index card, cut out a heart template that you will place on the back of your birch bark rectangles. Making a template for your heart shape ensures that the birch bark hearts will be more uniform in appearance.

Once you have your template, use a marker to trace it onto the back of the birch bark rectangles. For efficiency, I decided to make 12 hearts in one go. So, I traced the heart shape onto 12 of the backs of the rectangle birch bark pieces.

Then I cut out all 12 hearts using the scissors and punched a hole in the hearts with a hole puncher.

Make your own easy vine wreath for spring.

Cover your work surface with craft paper or paper towels and then gently apply liquid leaf gold paint to the backs and edges of your birch bark hearts. Let the paint dry completely before handling the hearts.

Make your own easy vine wreath for spring.

Using pieces of ribbon approximately 3 inches long, tie your hearts onto your vine wreath. You can make as many or as few hearts as you feel necessary.

Here is a photo showing how the wreath looks once the hearts are tied on.

Make your own easy vine wreath for spring.

This wreath was assembled in under an hour. Best of all, you can re-use your vine wreath by simply removing the hearts and decorating it with other items.

Handcrafted Society Wood Projects

As mentioned above, I am participating in the Handcrafted Society with other bloggers who also created a project with the theme of “wood”. You can see what they made below! If you want to learn more about any of the projects, simply click on the image.

Regardless as to where you live, I hope you see signs of spring and warmer weather. Also, I hope you enjoyed the variety of projects made by my blogging friends.