In the workshop – The Sideboard Part 1

Inspiration photo for the current piece


A couple of blog posts ago, I talked about working on some furniture and trying to get some key things done before winter arrives. When colder temperatures arrive, products don’t work well- such as paint, primer, and paint strippers. Also, there is better ventilation if I can sand items outside.

With that in mind, I am down to a few precious weeks where I can still get some work done. These pieces I am working on now will be for sale next year at some of my shows.

Here are some “Before“ photos of one of the items I am working on. It is solid oak and really well made. As with most furniture that I work on, it is over 100 years old. 😳

As you can see below, it is an oak paneled base. I plan to paint the bottom black and top it with a natural wood top.


Paneled Base


The thing I love about this piece is it’s size. It’s about 5 feet long and 15 inches wide. This makes it perfect for an entryway or sideboard. It won’t require a lot of space. It’s not unwieldy and too large.



It might be difficult to envision given its current state.  However, with some stripping, sanding and painting – she will shine come Spring of next year.

Here is another inspiration photo to help give you an idea as to how it could look.


Another inspiration photo


Now, if you will excuse me, I am running out of time to get some work done.

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