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It occurred to me that it may be useful to give you a list of all the tools, supplies and resources that I use for upholstery.  Periodically, I provide a link here and there, in various blog posts.  However, I don’t have a place where everything is comprehensively listed.  So, that is the purpose of this post.  A one stop blog post for all the tools, supplies and resources.

I do not have any affiliate links.  Any links are provided just for your convenience.  I am not an ambassador for any of these products nor do I receive any commissions.  I am providing links to these items because I use them, they work for me and the cost is reasonable.   Hopefully, they will be useful for you too.

First up tools.


The most basic thing I use in upholstery is an air compressor and pneumatic stapler. A pneumatic stapler makes all the difference in the world.  With this tool, the staples go into the hardest of woods with ease. There is no hammering of staples that were half way inserted.

Using a heavy duty sewing machine has also been a game changer.  Upholstery fabric is a heavier weight than typical fabric.  Using a heavy duty machine allows you to use heavy duty  thread and it allows you to sew fabric pieces together without bending or breaking needles.

Here are some links to the items that I use.

Air Compressor

Pneumatic Stapler

Staple remover

Scissors for cutting fabric

Hot glue gun

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine




Antique upholstery weight fabric

– I frequently buy fabric from Wendy at the Textile Trunk.

– I also keep my eyes open when I am in antique stores, Brimfield Flea Market, Country Living Fairs etc for bolts or yardage of antique fabric.


– cotton batting

– polyester batting

– you can also buy batting from most craft stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics etc.


– Two inch thick foam

– Four inch thick foam

– you can also buy batting from most craft stores.

Swivel caster wheels

– I also frequently search eBay for swivel casters.

Braided jute twine







The best book I have read on upholstery is entitled Spruce by Amanda Brown.  It provides great step-by-step guidance on tackling a wide variety of upholstery projects.


It should go without saying that Marian Parsons has created a great series of You Tube videos on upholstery.  I like that she presents these projects in a simple manner without getting too technical.  Her videos are a great resource.

– Upholstering the back of a chair

A whole series on slipcovers and upholstery


Finally, there are number of really good websites that do an excellent job of walking you through the steps involved with different upholstery projects.

– Penny and Ivy.  Emily walks you through the steps of upholstering an antique bed.

– Reinvented Delaware. Cindy does a great job of carefully explaining how she reupholsters and paints a variety of furniture pieces. I included a link to her reupholstered settee but she has a number of different projects you can read about.

Hopefully this is helpful to you.  Wishing you happy upholstering.



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