Summer Online Shop Restock


With the beautiful summer weather here and with a renewed sense of inspiration, I finally took the time to restock the online shop.  I put together a small collection of items that remind me of summer.  For example, the English jam jars shown in the photo above.  One of my favorite activities in the summer is making homemade jams. I love the color on these labels and the stoneware jars are so functional.  The top jar is a particularly generous size.



I also added this cute blue banded white enamelware pitcher.  I always think of picnics in the summer whenever I find enamelware.


Of course, I also added a couple of old flags.  The vintage Storm King flag shown above has the stars embroidered on and is 3 feet by 5 feet. It is in excellent condition.  No fading or holes or tears.

I also listed this beautiful old banner flag with 48 stars.  Although some of the stars have holes in them – I am in love with this gorgeous flag which is more than 9 feet long.



Produce stands always come to mind when I think of the summer. Don’t you love buying fresh strawberries, corn and watermelon?  I have two of these beautiful hand painted “potatoes” signs.  I love the artistic work that went into the design of these signs.



Finally, I also got in another shipment of the J Sainsbury crocks or jars.  They are so popular right now that it is difficult to keep them in stock.  Since this is an item that people seem to love, I may do a “Gift to Followers” on Instagram in the next few weeks.  It’s always fun to send the winner some happy mail.

Here are some photos of the jars that I recently received.




These are just a few of the highlights that are in the shop.  I a plan on listing more items in the near future.  So if you don’t see anything that grabs your attention, check back soon for more items.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!  Hoping you will take the opportunity to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

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