The Beauty of Imperfection

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One of the things I love most about vintage and antique items, are their imperfections.  The dents, worn areas, chips and scratches.  In my mind, there is a correlation between old things that imperfect and their beauty.  Now, please don’t get me wrong.  I am not referring to items that are no longer functioning because they are beyond repair.  Rather, the items that show their continual use and wear over time.

I have always liked things  with character such as worn galvanized tins, pottery with crazing, and furniture that has long since lost its shine. It is these characteristics that only time and continual use can produce.  These characteristics can not really be replicated in a factory.  (Although it is often tried) You can see these characteristics in the farmhouse crocks below. Do you see the small chips and crazing?



I found this pastry table during a trip to Pennsylvania.  It is really sturdy and well built.  Initially, I was going to paint over it but the “chippiness” and patina has grown on me to the point where I like it for what it is.  Only time can create this look.  This table was made in the mid 1800s, so who am I to undo more than 100 years worth of wear and tear?



This old General Store jar was in great condition and its lid had the perfect amount of patina to show its age and use.




It is the “imperfections” of these items that give them such character and grace and that make them original in their own right.

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