Tiny Stockings for the Holidays


If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that I like to share the work of some fellow creatives. Lately, I have noticed on social media that there has been a subtle shift towards the Holiday season.

Perhaps it’s because we are having supply chain issues and there are traffic jams at ports with ships stacked high with container boxes. Maybe this year we are all planning for the holidays a little earlier. This year, many of us are not waiting until December to mail packages.

Regardless, of the reasons, I felt now was an opportune time to share with you two of my FAVORITE tiny stocking makers.

An added bonus, these stockings are made in the USA and Canada -so there is no overseas shipping. Your tiny stockings will not be sitting in a container on a ship in a port. Instead, they can be popped in a small light weight package and mailed to your door in a rather reasonable amount of time.

Further, by purchasing tiny stockings for the Holidays from these two ladies, you are in fact supporting a small business and thereby making the world a better place. Cheers for you!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the two ladies who make these stockings.

Penny and Ivy

Tiny Stockings Hanging on the Line. Photo by Penny and Ivy

Emily, the woman behind Penny and Ivy is a wonder. She has been making handmade and hand sewn items for a number of years. I can attest, her products never disappoint since I own at least 4 of her pillows. She recently returned from a trip to France with loads of vintage French fabric with which she is making – among other things- tiny stockings.

tiny stocking with vintage french fabric
Tiny stockings made with vintage French fabric. Photo: Penny and Ivy

She is having an online POP-UP sale November 1st at 7:00 pm central time. She will list the stockings for sale on her website at Penny and Ivy. If you miss her POP-UP sale, you can catch her as a vendor at the Re: Craft & Relic Holiday Market November 13th and 14th in Milwaukee.

I find myself suddenly wishing that I lived in Wisconsin.

2 stockings hung by the fireplace
Two stockings hung by the fireplace. Photo: Penny and Ivy

Emily also makes regular size stockings as shown in the photo above. No doubt, between her online POP-UP sale and the Holiday Market, Emily is sewing up a storm. There must be smoke coming out of her sewing machine at this point.

Timber and Ivory Design Co

Tiny grainsack stocking
Tiny stockings with a red stripe made from grain sack. Photo by: Timber and Ivory Design Co

Deniene is the creative force behind Timber and Ivory Design Company. She lives in St. Alberta in Alberta Canada. It’s always a pleasure to share the work of our friendly Canadian neighbors. Deniene has a lovely Etsy store which she has recently filled with – yes, you guessed it- tiny stockings for the holidays. Individuals who have purchased items from her store have given her rave reviews and she is identified as an Etsy “Star Seller” for providing great customer service.

tiny stockings made with blue stripe grainsack
Tiny stockings made with blue striped grain sacks. Photo by: Timber and Ivory Design Co

Wouldn’t these tiny stockings be perfect to use as an advent calendar? Each stocking could be filled with a small little gift.

Two tiny stockings made from grain sack
Two tiny stockings made from grain sacks. Photo by: Timber and Ivory Design Co

Those little buttons on the stockings are so adorable. All the embellishments on the stockings are such a nice touch.


In summary, if you want to avoid the global supply chain crisis, get a head start on your Holiday shopping and support small businesses who sell handmade inventory – then I think tiny stockings are for you. Tiny stockings are also a great way to count down the days until Christmas. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and thanks for supporting creative entrepreneurs.

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